10 Ways to Embrace Yoga in Your Daily Life

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Yoga is more than the poses we strike on the mat. It is an all-encompassing lifestyle that promotes positive well-being and harmony. Take your practice off the mat and extend this wisdom to those around you to support the greater good of everyone you meet. You’ll find countless ways to incorporate yoga principles into your everyday life, even on days when you can’t lay down on the mat. Here are ten practical ways to incorporate yoga into your life and keep yourself and the world around you in balance.



Staying in touch with our breath is an underutilized tool that can be used to calm or invigorate our mind and body. Because of our bodies’ wonderful ability to sustain themselves involuntarily, we often forget to stop and catch our breath. By learning to control this vital force and becoming more sensitive to its patterns of response to external influences, we can gain greater control over our emotional states. Try sitting still and watching your breath for a few minutes once a day, then slowly progress to more advanced breathing exercises and longer sessions. This conscious act of inhaling and exhaling allows us to engage with the world around us more mindfully. We explore mindfulness as “a state of mind that works by focusing one’s awareness in the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.” This lifestyle also encourages those around us, in Their minds become more aware of actions, leading to a more compassionate environment.

self love

self love

1. Positive self-talk

We spend countless hours each day listening to the voice in our head, and sometimes that voice leads us to believe things that don’t align with our own. These lies are the makings of our insecurities, and we think about them so often until they become our truth. When we start changing the way we talk about ourselves, our ideas of self-worth are strengthened. By speaking confidently about themselves, it empowers others, too, to change the negative conversations going on in their heads.

2. Self-care

Taking care of your needs means different things to different people. Sometimes it means hyperactivity, other times it means couching on the couch from morning till night. The key is to know what your body and soul really need moment by moment and allow yourself to fulfill those desires unapologetically. “Just because work, friends, and family are demanding of us doesn’t mean it’s selfish to make time for ourselves.” Eat what nourishes your body instead of eliminating what nourishes your soul thing. Discover the balance between pushing and letting go to bring motivation and compassion into your daily life.

3. Appreciate the body

It’s one thing to accept all aspects of our being, even the parts we think are flawed, but it’s another achievement to appreciate all that our bodies do to sustain us. We are quick to criticize and blame our bodies, but often lose sight of how it supports us every day. It’s time to apply what yoga has taught us for the rest of our lives and start appreciating who we really are. Enjoy the skills you have and show understanding and kindness to those areas that are still developing.

slow down

slow down

1. Daily actions

Emphasizing the subtle, slow movements that take place on and off the mat, yoga is a deliberate and conscious movement throughout life. It’s easy to get carried away by the rush and forget to slow down and enjoy every moment. Try focusing on parts of your day that you often ignore, even seemingly mundane tasks that you dread, and watch this awareness spread to other areas of your life. Driving in the slow lane, stop and smell a flower, or take a moment to look for shapes in the clouds. Whatever makes your soul smile, do more of it and make time for it.

2. food

Rather than mindlessly stuffing our faces with food while distracted, a slow and mindful way of eating can be adopted. Many people have a messy relationship with food, which makes them feel like their eating choices make them feel less than good enough. Mindful eating allows us to fully enjoy and appreciate our food while reducing the risk of overeating. Healthier alternatives are becoming more attractive, while promoting a greater awareness of nutrition. This realization helps us understand what it means to fuel our bodies. Learn to eat without interruption and start savoring every healthy, delicious bite.

Establish a wake/bedtime routine

Create a wake-up routine

Mornings are when the veil between the realms of “being” and “doing” is thinnest. Here, our consciousness slowly begins to take over and we shift into a daily rhythm. What we do immediately after waking up determines the rest of our day. Before working on electronics, try to invest time in your mental and physical health. Practicing yoga or meditating in bed are great ways to connect with your body and wake up gently. It’s about trying to take care of the inner world before taking care of the outer world. What we do before bed plays a crucial role in how we are greeted the next day. Finding a routine that provides plenty of rest can improve your physical and mental health. Consider swapping your reading time for tea or meditating with essential oils. You wake up refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.



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