20 Most Popular Yoga Tattoos That Every Yogi Will Want

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In today’s world, 20-somethings are more likely to see a tattoo than not to have one. These 20-somethings also practice yoga and are familiar with Buddhist traditions, so it’s only natural that many young American adults have some sort of yoga tattoo.

In the past, people got tattoos because of the significance it had in their lives. Sometimes tattoos are a literal expression, others take a symbolic approach. Nowadays, more and more tattoos seem to be decorative fashion or works of art. This is usually expressed through something like sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is just one type of tattoo that falls under the umbrella term “yoga tattoos.”

No matter what kind of tattoo you want to get, the most important thing is that it makes you happy. Here are twenty of the most popular yoga tattoos people are getting today!

20 Most Popular Yoga Tattoos

The following tattoos are listed in no particular order:

seven chakras

Seven chakras. Release Notes https://i.pinimg.com/

There are many different reasons why someone might want to get all seven chakras tattooed on their body – or even just one. They have strong spiritual significance in achieving the perfect human body.

It is said that when focusing on each chakra symbol, the chakra symbol itself opens the mind for healing. They are considered a symbol of powerful energy. Therefore, tattoos are said to greatly help in maintaining a balanced flow of energy.

phase of the moon

moon phase tattoo

The art of yoga teaches the yogi to surrender to the natural flow of the universe. You are taught to let go rather than hold. Yoga also teaches us how to accept new things and create space for them. The flow of the universe is very cyclical, much like the flow of the moon. Because of this, many yogis feel a certain connection to the moon and all its phases.


Buddha tattoo. Release Notes https://i.pinimg.com/

The exact origin of yoga is unknown, only that it originated in ancient India. Because of this, yoga has long been associated with Buddhist, Hindu and Jain traditions. This is why many people choose Buddha statues when thinking of yoga tattoos. For those who get tattooed, it is a symbol of great wisdom and spirituality.



As mentioned above, yoga has extensive ties to Hindu traditions. Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language that is still spoken by thousands of Indian villagers. Words are said to contain higher vibrational energies as vocabulary and pronunciation create harmonic frequencies.

Some popular tattoo words are:

  • “Go with the flow”
  • “Change starts with me”
  • Sanskrit works
  • Other meaningful words in one’s life



The lotus has a very spiritual meaning for yogis. It is associated with spiritual awakening or expansion. The roots fixed in the soil represent the earth. The trunk grows in the water that represents life. Flowers then bloom at the top, symbolizing enlightenment.



Many people consider meditation to be a Buddhist practice. However, it is a yoga practice adopted from Buddhism. Buddha himself made meditation the center of his life. There are many different ways to practice meditation, but the essence is all the same. The ultimate goal is to sit in the Oneness of Being, basking in the loving consciousness of life. Getting it tattooed is a great reminder.


unalome. Release notes https://i.pinimg.com/

The Unalome is said to represent the path to enlightenment in this life. The beginning is tough and full of twists and turns. Once enlightened, the path seems a little straighter. Then the dot at the end represents death or dissolution into cosmic nothingness.


Watercolor zen circle tattoo design on leg. Release Notes https://i.pinimg.com/

Establishing and maintaining a Zen lifestyle is important for those who practice yoga. Essentially, the Zen lifestyle is a way of living consciously and doing things fully. Not only that, but they usually lead equally healthy lives. This creates a deep sense of gratitude for those who strive to live a Zen lifestyle. Many get it tattooed to cement their efforts.



For centuries, mandalas have been used as meditation tools to calm the mind and allow wisdom to enter and multiply within the mind. A mandala is a flower-like shape that repeats and mirrors symmetrically outwards. This constant movement relaxes the brain and allows the smooth flow of consciousness. As a tattoo, it is a huge visual tool.

Sacred Geometry (Metatron’s Cube/Flower of Life)

Sacred Geometry (Metatron’s Cube Flower of Life). Credit http://sacredgeometry.tattoo/

Sacred geometry is nature’s perfect art form. The Fibonacci sequence is an example of sacred geometry. The Metatronic Cube (left) and the Flower of Life (right) are also good examples. These sacred symbols are a great way to adorn your body with high vibrational energies.


hamsa tattoo

Unlike the mandala, which produces inner knowledge of peace and wisdom, the hamsa is a symbol of abundance and positivity. When tattooed on the skin, the yogi can always choose to achieve this enrichment.

“OM” symbol

“OM” Symbol Tattoo

The “OM” symbol is technically a Sanskrit symbol, but it’s so popular that it deserves a place on the list. It represents everything. It is the consciousness and frequency of the entire universe.

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