30-Minute Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Flow

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Are you ready to get your blood flowing, your hips open and your heart pumping? This 30-minute advanced yoga flow yoga is the perfect mid-length series to build your strength and find your balance. We’ll start with some core work, then move on to strength and balance poses. This course is for advanced students, but you can change it over time.

what is needed for this meeting

what is needed for this meeting

Allow this vinyasa sequence 30-35 minutes. You’ll need your mat, a water bottle, and some extra space as we’re going to delve into some twists and hip-opening moves. If you prefer, grab a blanket, yoga mat or pillow for a change or an extra relaxing prairie pose.

Set your intentions first

It’s important to set your intentions before every yoga class or sequence—or, in fact, before every cardio-centered activity in your day! Setting an intention helps give your mind a goal, something to remember throughout the session when you feel tired or want to give up. The process becomes more enjoyable and rewarding if you plan to stick with it during the practice. Consider dedicating it to your health, your quest for inner strength, your determination to keep improving, or to a loved one.

initial and absolute sequence

initial and absolute sequence

Start by lying on your back and sitting on a mat. Take a few deep breaths, then bring your knees to your chest and roll side to side. Do sets of ankle circles to lubricate your joints. change direction.

Pull your forehead toward your knees, lifting the back of your sacrum off the mat. Release and squeeze your lower back, then return to the mat. Point your feet skyward, point or flex your toes, and pull your heels back toward your hips. Remember to maintain your core throughout the exercise. Extend legs overhead and pause. Push your thighs up to the front of the mat.

Lift your hands overhead, align your toes, and contract toward your feet while feeling your core engage. Extend your arms and legs, forming a V, and point them back towards the sky. Repeat a few times, then pull your knees back toward your chest. breathe.

plank sequence

plank sequence

Rock and roll time! From a prone position, roll into a modified boat pose. Pause, then extend to full boat. Hold here for a few seconds, then gently move into plank position.

After the plank, stagger or stack your heels, turn right and into the side plank. Breathe and pause. Switch back to the regular plank, then twist the left plank in the opposite direction. Return to the board, and gently lower it to the floor.

Place your hands on the ground in cobra pose. Release, then press down on the high plank again and grab downward dog. Hold here for a few breaths, lifting your heels, then drop back down to stretch your calves.

Jump forward to the head of the mat and find your front crease. Extend your legs and roll to a standing position. Rest for a while, then come into Tadasana. Reach higher than yourself, then bend to the right, then to the left, then return to the middle.

Draw left knee into chest, bending left foot. Practice balance by extending your arms out to your sides or in a prayer position over your chest. Pull your knees back into a squat, then return to center. Repeat three times, then pause on the third while squatting down to pump side to side. Bring your knees back to your belly. Bring your knees out in front of you at pistol readiness. Put your feet back on the floor, then find your front crease and rest a few times. Repeat this series with the right leg.

Return to the plank, then to the right and lift your upper leg. Return to the plank, switch sides and lift the top leg. Return to the plank, do a four-poster, and move into downward facing dog.

Dynamic Sun Salutation Sequence

Dynamic Sun Salutation Sequence

Here we come to energetic sun salutations that focus on hip openers.

In Downward Dog, lift your left leg toward the sky (Three-legged Dog Pose), then circle your extended leg upward to open and lubricate your glutes. Lift your right leg and bend your right leg backward. Pull our thighs to our chest, then straighten our legs back for a hurdle, filling the hurdle. Return to downward dog, then pull the leg into a lunge. Pause, then move your body up into a high lunge. Open spins for Warrior II. Keep your knees higher than your ankles. Reach your hands back into a restrained reverse fighter, then bring your hands under your legs for a restrained full lunge.

Begin in a lunge, reaching fingertips toward the floor, straightening your right leg, raising your left arm overhead, then switch to star pose. After a pause, transition to a wide-leg forward bend. Bend your right leg, extend your arm forward, and shift the weight to your left side as you pump back and forth. Return to the wide-leg forward bend. Let the spine feel heavy. Go back to Star and find your Chaturanga to repeat the series on the left.

Take a goddess pose. Drop your hips straight down. If possible, lift your heels so that they sink deeper. Lower your heels, then alternate forward lunges from right to left. Jump all the way to the right, stretching your fingertips forward. See if you can go deeper than last time. Sealed with a wide-leg front pleat.

Stand half-length, clasp your hands behind you, and lower your head to the floor. Reach your crossed arms toward your head. Rise to Star, Warrior II forward, then Reverse Warrior, then back to High Plank. Descend and ascend to Upward Dog, then into Downward Dog.

Now we repeat the process on both sides in a shortened form. Extend your right leg toward the sky, circle your hip twice, and bend your knee back to get into a hurdle-ready or full-hurdle position. Place the leg under the chest in an inverted triangle and lower down for 2-3 reps while holding the position

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