Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation: 10 Ways That This Kundalini Meditation Can Clear Your Mind

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Our hearts are beautiful, but often very complex. We interact in our world and have experiences that change our behavior and thinking. Some of these experiences, both negative and positive, will leave their mark for years to come. These impressions are hard to shake off because of our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the part of the mind that we are not always aware of. It exists and collects memories without our attention. It is responsible for automatic responses and impulsive behavior.

We can’t choose what our subconscious mind focuses on. Therefore, we need to balance our emotions and our bodies to better understand what is bothering us. Things like meditation can help us achieve this, as we allow these thoughts to move forward and face them. By fighting, we give ourselves the chance to heal and accept what we cannot change.

Sa Ta Na Ma meditation is a classic Kundalini meditation designed to clear the mind and create balance. Its goal is to clear the subconscious mind of negativity and eliminate excess emotions. First taught by Yogi Bhajan who said that if you were to choose any kind of meditation, Sa Ta Na Ma should be the one.

What does Sa Ta Na Ma stand for?

What does Sa Ta Na Ma mean?

The origins behind meditation are unclear. Kundalini means “coiled snake” in Sanskrit. Ancient beliefs hold that this thread is meant to illustrate the divine energy that exists at the base of our spine, and that this powerful current can be awakened and released through this meditation.

Kundalini meditation became popular in the West when Yogi Bhajan first introduced it in the late 1960s. Since then, it has become a way for individuals to increase their self-awareness and practice mindfulness

The Sa Ta Na Ma meditation is derived from the Sat Nam mantra which means “Truth is who we are” or “My true essence”. Each tone has a different interpretation. Pronounce the “a” in each syllable as “ah”. Some common translations are:

  1. Sa – birth, beginning, universe, present or future.
  2. Ta – life, existence
  3. Na – consciousness shift, death
  4. Ma – rebirth, resurrection

The way you say the mantra is also important. Sing “Sa Ta Na Ma” for action. With a low voice, like a whisper, you sing to your heart. Repeat yourself in complete silence, channeling your spiritual self.

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation Practice

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation Practice

In order to experience the full benefits of Sa Ta Na Ma meditation, it is important to consider its individual components. Each component, sometimes simultaneously, has meaning. Therefore, it is important not to skip any steps to maximize your benefits. Focus and diligence are very important qualities, especially for Mantra.

Mantras vibrate with divine energy. These types of vibrations, or chanting, are said to balance the centers of the body, also known as our “chakras.”

Next is how we position and use our hands in meditation. This is because the movements of our hands contain energies that affect the mind and body. Mudras is the name for using our hands while meditating. In Sa Ta Na Ma, the hands locate channel pressure points in the body. Alternate fingers for each note;

Sa – index finger and thumb – this represents wisdom.

Ta – middle finger and thumb – stands for patience.

Well – ring finger and thumb – represent energy.

Ma – little finger and thumb – represents communication.

As mentioned earlier, tone of voice is important to your meditation, depending on your goals. No matter what type of sound you choose, visualization is an important tool. In fact, it’s a vital component if we’re going to shed our subconscious collective negativity.

This is because the mental focus and power of Kundalini Yoga is the pathway that connects our pineal and pituitary glands. This connection is called a gold wire. As you sing, imagine the cord running through your veins. Visualize its movement and energy to improve focus and help you move into deeper meditation.

Start Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation

Start Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation

As with any meditation practice, it’s important to find a comfortable sitting position. Once seated, cross your legs comfortably and keep your spine straight. Put your hands on your knees, palms facing the sky.

Start the spell in whatever way you want to channel. Direct actions outward, whisper to yourself, or direct thoughts inward. Repeat the mantra for up to three minutes. Then repeat the opposite incantation you started. For example, once you start chanting a mantra internally, try saying it out loud. Repeat for up to three minutes.

Make sure the fingers alternate the appropriate mudra for each syllable and visualize the golden thread. Throughout the meditation, visualize the rope and its energy flowing through you. Remember to take deep breaths between each chanting.

After completing the entire meditation, take a deep breath and raise your arms to the sky. Start with the handshake, then the arms, then the whole body. This is to remove all the negative energy we just brought to the surface. Shake your entire body and use this time to release any emotions that arise during meditation.

Next, lie on your back and keep your body still. According to Yogi Bhajan, to experience the full benefits of clearing your subconscious mind, do this meditation daily for up to 40 days.

Top 10 Benefits of Sa Ta Na Ma Me

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