Should You Enroll in a 500-Hour Teacher Training?

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Considering becoming a yoga teacher or expanding your yoga teacher qualifications? Then you are at the beginning of a new path in life, because the path of yoga is definitely contrary to most of the modern western way of life.

It’s never too old to set new goals or dream new dreams. CS Lewis

Many people dream of becoming a yoga teacher, but it is a long training process to realize this dream. Also, many of them will spend years becoming yoga teachers, not sure if it’s right for them. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced teacher, enrolling in a 500-hour teacher training program is a life-changing decision that should not be taken lightly. Here, we discuss how to tell if a 500-hour teacher training course is right for you, and what to expect.

How to Become a Yoga Teacher

How to Become a Yoga Teacher

In most countries and societies, not everyone can teach yoga. There are different levels of qualifications that must be achieved before someone can call themselves a yoga teacher. why is it like this?

To some, this yoga teacher training process may seem like a bureaucratic addition to the ancient spiritual art. That’s true — thousands of years ago in India, where yoga first emerged, there was no formal system of teacher training. Yet in that era, there was a strong sense of “lineage” between teacher and student, and students who later became yoga teachers took hundreds of lessons at the feet of their mentors. In modern Western society, this age-old practice has been modified.

There are many reasons why yoga teacher training programs currently exist. Yoga teacher training is primarily for students. The safety of students is ensured by proper training of all yoga teachers to the same standard. The training ensures that the teachers actually have enough knowledge to impart the practice of yoga. Teacher training courses serve a legal purpose, as many yoga studios require insurance, which can only be awarded to qualified teachers. For obvious reasons, yoga teacher training also exists to improve the knowledge and spirituality of future teachers.

Different Types of Teacher Training

Different Types of Teacher Training

With so many different types of teacher education programs, it can be overwhelming for aspiring teachers. Different countries have different standards and different acronyms to represent different training programs. However, there are generally 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour teacher education programs. Each of these titles represents the number of hours of contact with the lead instructor for each program. During yoga teacher training, yogis learn not only the asanas of yoga, but also the philosophical foundations, anatomy, history of yoga, how to connect energetically with a student’s space, how to create sequences safely, and more. Each exercise program is discussed in more detail below.

200 hours of teacher training

A 200-hour teacher training program is the most common and the minimum required for a yogi to qualify as a teacher. The 200-hour teacher training programs vary by where and with whom they are completed, but all provide a basic knowledge of the eight limbs of yoga. The 200-hour teacher training course can be taken on its own or as a stepping stone to a complete 500-hour teacher training program.

300 hours teacher training

The 300-hour teacher training program is slightly more flexible than the 200-hour program. Its setup varies according to the particular school it is admitted to. The 300-hour program comes in two main forms:

  1. Therefore, as an additional 100-hour extension to the 200-hour program, Yogis teach with a 300-hour qualification.
  2. As a full 300-hour course, a total of 500 hours is required after completing the 200-hour course.

Regardless, the 200-hour teacher training provides deeper knowledge and more contact time with master teachers. Additionally, 300-hour teacher training programs tend to offer more hands-on teaching time and more philosophical discussion.

500 hours of teacher training

A 500-hour taught degree is the highest degree usually offered. It reflects a total of 500 hours of contact with the Guru. It can be completed as a whole or as an aggregate of individual 200-hour and 300-hour courses. The extra hours in the 500-hour teacher training program typically focus on the study of yoga philosophy and meditation.

Professional Teacher Training Course

Professional Teacher Training Course

In addition to the basic teacher education courses mentioned above, there are many specialized teacher education courses. These are usually much shorter and can vary from a few hours to over 100 hours. These training programs focus on a very specific area of ​​practice, offering depth rather than breadth. Examples of specialty programs include prenatal yoga, yoga therapy, yoga for PTSD, and more.

teacher training methods

It’s clear from the discussion of the many teacher training opportunities, but there are also many different paths one can take to become a yoga teacher. Some yogis may choose to do the entire 500-hour training at once. Other yogis might complete a 200-hour teacher training course, then teach for a few years, then come back for the final 300 hours. In the end, some yogis may complete 200 hours of training and never complete 500 hours. In fact, it is very acceptable and common to stop training after 200 hours. There is no one right answer and everyone should choose the path that suits them and the time they are in in their life. The benefits of each path should be considered

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