The 10 Best Luxury Yoga Retreats for Couples 2020 Guide

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Indulge yourself in absolute luxury at one of these world-class yoga retreats. These 10 yoga retreats have all been chosen for their qualities that appeal to couples. So pack your yoga mat and hit the streets with your sweetie for a well-deserved break and rejuvenation.

Kripalu Center: Deepen Your Love

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The Kripalu Center is known throughout the United States and around the world for its world-class yoga retreats, teacher training programs, and educational seminars. Set on sprawling 100 acres in the Berkshires, it is a luxurious retreat for soul, heart, body and brain. In addition to its wide variety of classes, the Kripalu Center also offers couples a personalized yoga retreat called Deepening Your Love.

Programs: There are many yoga retreat programs to choose from at the Kripalu Center, and couples are welcome to sign up for a program that suits their interests and schedule. However, for Deepening Your Love Retreat, there is a special focus on immersing yourself in your relationship through yoga. The retreat for beginner yogis includes a daily program of gentle yoga, yoga dance, counseling sessions, healthy meals and optional spa treatments.

What We Like: The Deepening Your Love Program was developed by Mr. and Mrs. Feldman, a coach and a marriage therapist. In development for over 30 years, the program has helped thousands of couples reconnect.

Fees: Contact 866.200.5203 ​​for payment details

Address: Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center, 57 Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, MA 01262

Shinarani Yoga Retreat



Entering Xinalani Yoga Retreat is like stepping into an oasis of health and wellbeing. This retreat is considered the best wellness retreat in all of Mexico. Tucked away on the coast of Puerto Vallarta, you and your partner will enjoy seclusion surrounded by tranquil jungle and endless beaches.

Programs: Choose from Xinalani’s myriad of themed yoga retreats. Or, book a luxury cabin or lodge and design your own getaway. Fill your day with yoga classes – offered in the indoor studio or in the stunning outdoor pagoda. Feel adventurous and try hiking, waterfalls or paddle boarding. Guests can also enjoy a full menu featuring locally sourced organic food.

What we love: Xinalai’s meticulous, eco-chic design won’t go unnoticed. You and your partner will enjoy accommodation that is both luxurious and truly immersed in the natural surroundings. Each room has been furnished by local artisans and offers an open, airy feel and views. For an upgrade, choose a romantic beachfront cabana with a private plunge pool with ocean views.

Fees: Prices vary by retreat chosen, please contact [email protected] for specific prices.

Address: Playa Xinalani, Quimixto Puerto Vallarta South Shore, 48399 Jalisc

Sansara Resort



Welcome to Tropical Paradise, also known as Sansara Resort in Panama. On the Azuero Peninsula, couples can stay in an oasis of dream cabins, warm pools and azure waters perfect for surfing. Sansara Resort is a one-of-a-kind upscale yoga and surf destination that blends adventure and luxury.

The Project: Unlike many luxury resorts run by large corporations, Sansara Resort is the product of a couple’s love story. Canadian couple Janel and Michael Phillips founded Sansara as a passion project to bring people together through yoga. A variety of themed retreats are offered for groups throughout the year. Every retreat is designed to connect people.

What We Like: Rest assured, while romantic and luxurious, your stay at Sansara Resort is also a force for good. The retreat uses local merchandise, crafts, furniture and products. A portion of proceeds also go to sea turtle awareness programs and other local charities that promote environmental responsibility.

Cost: Cost varies by retreat chosen

Address: Sansara Surf and Yoga Resort, Cambutar, Panama

soul clan adventure



Soultribe Adventures will take you out of your comfort zone in the best possible way. Adrenaline-fueled activity is perfectly balanced with a peaceful yoga practice. This is the perfect luxury getaway experience when you want to add a little fun and spontaneity to your relationship

Program: Soultribe Ads

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