The 10 Best Luxury Yoga Retreats in Mexico 2020 Guide

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People travel all over the world to experience Mexico’s famous yoga retreats. Mexico is a country rich in culture, spirituality and tradition, and home to lush jungles and miles of white-sand beaches. There are many yoga retreats in Mexico, each unique in how they integrate local culture with traditional yoga practices.

Here are the top 10 most luxurious and highest-rated yoga retreats in Mexico.

body flow yoga



Body Flows Yoga is offering a special one-off yoga retreat in October 2019 at the stunning beach resort in Mexico. The retreats, led by yoga teacher and massage therapist Sally Mitchell, are held at the 200-acre eco-conscious mansion Playa Viva. This is the ideal retreat for yogis looking to hit the “restart” button in their busy lives.

The plan: Guests are expected to take two yoga classes a day, one of quick flow yoga and the other of relaxing yin yoga. Workshops are also offered, covering a range of topics from chakra opening to the benefits of essential oils. Farm meals from Playa Viva Organic Farm are also served daily. It’s a four-day retreat, just long enough to refresh your spirits.

What we like: This yoga retreat sits on sprawling grounds that take more than four days to explore. Guests can spend their free time exploring the 200-acre property, which features everything from a turtle sanctuary to an organic farm.

Cost: Starting at $1,195

Address: Playa Viva, Juluchuca, Zihuatanejo, Playa Icacos, 40834 Guerrero, Mexico

halamala retreat



Haramara Retreat has been described as a place where “Robinson Crusoe meets Architectural Digest”. This should give you a glimpse of the wild sanctuary that greets you when you stay in Halamala. Set on a 12-acre beachfront estate with thoughtfully landscaped villas and gardens, this resort is the ideal getaway for those looking to get off the grid.

Programs: Enjoy individual retreats or organized group yoga retreats in Haramala. Unique and intimate, Haramara retreats range in size from 10 to up to 50 people. Each retreat offers a unique itinerary that draws on the local environment and includes multiple indoor and outdoor daily yoga sessions.

What we like: Haramara Retreat’s off-grid vibe is enhanced by the cabin design where guests sleep. Each hut is designed without electricity, limited to oil lamps and simple candles. In the soft darkness, guests will truly feel at home as the sound of the waves lulls them to sleep.

Fees: Contact [email protected] for custom pricing

Address: Haramara Retreat, Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico.

Present Moment Retreat Mexico

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Step into luxury at Present Moment – a spa haven, boutique resort and yoga sanctuary on the Mexican Riviera. Enjoy expansive grounds designed with yoga and wellness in mind, complete with an outdoor yoga tower, private beach and sprawling gardens. Choose from a variety of accommodations, including beachfront bungalows and indoor suites, as well as a variety of spa treatments.

Project: Present Moment offers a variety of luxury vacation options. Guests can book group holidays, individual holidays or choose packages with themes such as relaxation, surfing, detox and more. Traditional group retreats are offered year-round and last about a week. Whether you choose a group getaway or an individual package, guests can enjoy daily meditation and yoga classes, massages, spa treatments and consultations, freshly prepared gourmet meals and adventure tours from surfing to waterfall hunting.

What we like: Present Moment may be downright luxurious, but they also strive to be good stewards of their environment. The natural environment plays an important role in the design of the resort, and Present Moment pays back with eco-friendly biodiversity conservation practices. They claim to be “walking light on the earth” by offering wholesome, local food that preserves biodiversity and conserves the use of energy, water and other natural resources.

Cost: Prices vary, but average around $2,000 for a double bungalow

Address: Playa Troncones, Mz. 21 Lt. 3 Troncones, 40804 Mexico

Copal Retreat Riviera Maya

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