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Getting comfortable on a yoga mat can feel overwhelming as a beginner. There are a variety of different styles of yoga and countless poses to get used to, and it will take time to get used to the style that works best for you. Many teachers and educators have begun offering introductory classes to help beginners become familiar with yoga poses that hold and flow on the mat. Beachbody’s 3-Week Yoga Retreat is one such beginner’s guide, offering a remarkably clear, direct, and supportive virtual space to help new yogis gain strength and confidence in their yoga practice.

What is the 3 Week Yoga Retreat?

What is the 3 Week Yoga Retreat?

A 3-week yoga retreat designed to teach beginners the basics of yoga. With daily classes and a carefully crafted program, this 3-week yoga retreat empowers everyone to become confident on the mat, regardless of existing ability or fitness level. Home planning begins Monday. Each weekday session lasts approximately 30 minutes, making these sessions easy to fit into busy schedules. Each day offers a unique routine with a different focus, expanding what students can take away with them when they’re done.

The program offers a variety of resources to help you track your progress and deepen your transition experience. While the program is yoga-focused, it also includes a nutrition guide that focuses on whole foods, providing you with delicious and nutritious recipes to promote overall health. It also includes a “quick start” guide outlining the entire program, and a course calendar so students can keep track of where they’ve been and what’s coming up. A “posture tracker” helps track progress, and short beginner tutorials help solidify the fundamentals of the practice by emphasizing core yoga principles, breathing techniques, and the use of props.

The program is an at-home experience, but that doesn’t mean support isn’t available. The program provides students with free 24/7 support from experts in the field.

What to Expect During a 3-Week Yoga Retreat

What to Expect During a 3-Week Yoga Retreat

The 3-week yoga retreat is divided into several parts per week, with a changing pace on the weekends. Each week has its own theme, the first is “Basics”, the second is “Progress”, and the third is “Progress”. Weekend classes are shorter and optional.

Week 1, Foundation Week, will be led by Vytas, a Los Angeles-based yoga teacher who has practiced yoga for over 15 years. The purpose of the first week is to lay the groundwork for your practice. Over time, exploring basic yoga poses builds the foundation for more advanced poses and sequences. Classes are slow and steady, allowing ample time and guidance to find alignment. Modified versions of poses are also taught.

The second week, the extension week, is taught by Elise. A former professional dancer, Elise has taught yoga to a variety of clients including Olympic athletes and celebrities. The classes she teaches focus on taking basic poses to a more advanced level. Endurance and strength are improved and lengthened, while maintaining proper alignment helps to take poses further.

The final week was Progress Week led by Ted. With a strong athletic background, TED’s classes emphasize the importance of focus and commitment. He is trained in Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. The final week takes yoga instruction to the next level, deepening and lengthening existing poses and incorporating other advanced exercises. Modifications can be made at any time to encourage students to find variations that suit their current level.

Weekend classes are taught by Faith, who focuses on breathing and flexibility. She is a yoga teacher in Washington DC and New York City and has studied various yoga styles and meditations. On weekends, students can opt for a 10-minute yoga session. The pace of the lessons is slow, giving both body and mind the opportunity to relax.

There are also themes for each day of the week, and each week follows the same focus. Highlights for each day of the week are listed below:

  • Monday’s focus is on the “core,” activating and strengthening the muscles around the abdominals.
  • Tuesday’s theme is “Stretching.” These classes encourage stretching and elongating the body while holding the pose.
  • Wednesday’s about “balance.” The focus is on inner and outer balance.
  • Thursday’s theme is “Flow.” These classes focus on streaming together yoga poses in an intuitive and natural way.
  • The Friday class is called “Flow to Go”. Since Friday marks the end of the work week, these sessions are shorter but feel similar to the Thursday routine.
  • Saturday’s theme is “relaxation.” These classes provide opportunities for relaxation.
  • Sunday’s theme is “Take 10”. Choose from a variety of 10-minute sessions based on your mission for the day.

Benefits of the program

Benefits of the program

There are many benefits to this program, especially the introduction of yoga as a regular class. One of the program’s selling points is the flexibility it offers. Yoga practice becomes convenient without having to go anywhere or have a specific routine. The price is great value too, as it’s on par with, or even more affordable than, a monthly yoga membership. Online support is also very helpful for questions about your practice. Beachbody’s 3-week yoga retreat lets you build confidence from the comfort of your own home on your mat, so you’ll feel comfortable when you’re ready to hit the studio

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