The Ten best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Italy for 2020

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In Italy, Centuries-old converted farmhouses in secluded rural settings are pretty much standard accommodation, so it’s easy to see why it’s beginning to become a top destination for yoga retreats. It’s peaceful, serene and relatively untouched by the complications of modern life, at least by European standards.

For those of us who don’t have the desire to travel to Asia for yoga training Italy offers all of the vibe with none of the hassle. Plus, if you’re intending to engage in serious study, the Italian countryside has something that Asia is often at pains to offer. Peace and quiet.

That, and you can drink all the tap-water you want.

More and more well known international teachers are hosting their teacher trainings here, and there’s a small collection of well-known yoga institutions operating locally, all of which have a good reputation for high quality yoga education.

Some of the trainings listed on here provide 200hr RYT certification with Yoga Alliance. However, there are lots of interesting specialized and advanced trainings happening in Italy that do not, and we have included some of those. Many of these are applicable for Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance. Make sure to check.

As always, check the experience, background and accreditation of any yoga teacher you wish to study with before making a financial commitment.

These are our picks for the top 10 Yoga Teacher Trainings in Italy for 2020:

Floripa Private SUP Flow Teacher Training



And now for something completely different!

For yoga teachers looking to add something totally unique to their teaching repertoire, or for a yogi looking for a holiday that’s anything but ordinary, Floripa Yoga and Kite Surf House offers private Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga is just what it sounds like, a complete flowing Hatha Yoga practice that takes place in the water on a Stand Up Paddleboard! Learn how to manage your own floating yoga studio and modify poses specifically for this exciting new yoga trend.

In-class theory sessions on equipment, weather charts and board safety are included, as are evening Yin Yoga classes. Participants will also have access to whatever other workshops and classes are being held at Floripa at that time.

These retreats are totally personalized, so contact them directly for more information.

Dates: Available June through Sept

Cost: contact for more information

Love Evolve Awaken RYT 200 Tantrik Hatha Yoga Teacher Training



Love Evolve Awaken is a Tantric yoga school that offers teacher trainings in both Guatemala and Tuscany. They a truly immersive format where students are given the opportunity to attend 4 day intensive modules in addition to the standard 200 hour teacher training format so that they can focus on an area of particular interest to them.

Their trainings focus on developing a fine-tuned understanding of the philosophy and lifestyle of Yoga informed by such traditions as the Eight Limbs of Patanjali, Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, Tantra and Tibetan Buddhism.

Because they include this 4 day module at the end of their courses, a Love Evolve Awaken training is slightly longer then your average 200 hour intensive, so they are meant for people who have the time and patience to really immerse themselves in their practice for over a month.

Their fall training in Tuscany features an additional 4 day module on Bhakti, the yogic path of devotion and love. For this training they have teamed up with the Inner Peace Sanctuary, a 200 year old country house on ten hectares of chestnut forest. Accommodations are available in the house or in private bell tents located in the garden.

Dates: Sept. 3Rd – Oct. 6th

Cost: $3251

Hari Om Yoga School 200hr Teacher Training



Hari Om is a well-established yoga school that runs retreats year round in a converted farmhouse called Cascina Bellaria that also serves as a popular event and concert venue on the weekends. Their approach to yoga is a balance between tradition and experimentation, incorporating a wide variety of movement styles into their yoga education including martial arts, functional movement and dance.

Their postural practice is rooted in Iyengar yoga but also features influence from Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Their goal is to create well-rounded yoga teachers who have the knowledge and breadth of practice to adapt to any teaching situation in a non-dogmatic way and are not rooted in any particular tradition.

A wide variety of accommodations are available on the property, including dorms, double rooms, cabins and tents. Their rates vary widely depending on the accommodation you choose so check the website for more info.

The Cascina Bellaria is a bustling creative hub that features live music, workshops and events happening all the time, so it’s not a traditional ashram, but if you want to plug into a thriving community of artists and seekers this might be the perfect training for you.

Dates: Dec. 16th – Jan. 5Th 2020

Cost: $3469 for dorm style accommodation

Floripa 100 hr Advanced Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga Immersion



Floripa is a resort on the south coast of the island of Sicily that not only provides yoga retreats but also serves as a surfing and kite-surfing camp. Doing a yoga retreat at Floripa will also afford you the opportunity to extend your stay and get surfing lessons or kite-surfing lessons from professional instructors.

Their 100 hr Advanced Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga immersion is intended for advanced practitioners or teachers who have already completed a 200 hr teacher training. This training is applicable for 100 Continuing Education Units with the Yoga Alliance.

Students will have the opportunity to deepen their practice with intensive 2.5 hour morning Vinyasa classes, evening Yin Yoga classes, and daily workshops. The training also features Bhakti sessions throughout the week and 3 organic meals per day.

Accommodations are in 3 beautiful houses on Floripa’s beachfront property. Each room has it’s own private veranda and reading area.

Dates: Oct. 21st – 31st

Cost: Rates start at $1427

Yin Yoga with Eleanor Whiteley 60 hr Level One Certification



Eleanor Whiteley is an experienced osteopath and massage therapist who has studied various forms of movement and meditation since the age of 12. Her focus in this training is specifically on Yin Yoga,.

Participants will learn the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine that Yin Yoga is based on and learn to apply them to teaching transformational classes that encourage deep release and positive reconditioning of patterns in the body, mind and energetic field.

This is a short 7 day intensive that offers a 60hr training certificate. It is located at the lovely YogApulia in Southern Italy, set in 2.5 acres of olive groves and includes 2 vegetarian meals a day.

Dates: Aug. 10Th – Aug. 17th

Cost: contact for more information

Swan Mountain Yoga “Gathering Of Space Holders” 7 day Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers



Victoria Larsson is a Berlin based yoga teacher who specializes in challenging yoga classes with lots of hands-on assists and a huge emphasis on music, energy and breath.

Her “Gathering Of Space Holders” retreat is a 7 day Continuing Education course intended for existing yoga teachers. The training focuses very specifically on the concept of holding space and includes workshops on the philosophy and mechanics of hands-on assists, how to speak clearly and confidently in class and how to inspire students on and off the mat.

The training is located on the beautiful Amalfi Coast and includes 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day.

Dates: Oct. 12th – Oct. 18th

Cost: $1292 for double room accommodations

Sankalpa Sicily 200 hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training



Sankalpa is a yoga retreat company located in rural Sicily. They hold their retreats in a traditional white stone “Baglio” located around a large internal courtyard. The retreat is surrounded by rolling hills scattered with farms and hiking trails for peaceful afternoon walks in the countryside.

Their 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is taught in conjunction with the Yogapoint institute, a leader in traditional yoga education located outside of Mumbai, India.

The training features a combination of intensive practice, informative lectures and dedicated self-study. The techniques covered are derived directly from scriptural sources like the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and so focus not only on developing the techniques of Asana, or postures but also of Pranayama, Meditation and the traditional yogic Kriyas, or cleansing and purification practices.

The training not only features hands-on instruction from Lucia D’Angelo, a yoga instructor with over 900 hours of training, but also extensive lessons over Skype with the Yogapoint faculty in India.

Dates: Sept. 21St – Oct. 16th

Cost: contact for more information

Malini Yoga 250 hr Teacher Training Course



Malini Yoga is a yoga school that provides retreats and trainings in Integral Yoga in 2 exclusive locations, one in Mexico and the other in Italy.

Their Italian program is located in a traditional farm-stay in rural Lazio, on the edge of the Abruzzi National Park. It’s a quiet, peaceful place, nestled in the bosom of nature, offering a unique experience of Italy far from the tourist treadmill.

Integral Yoga focuses on a holistic practice that incorporates all of the various methods of yoga. Students will find grounding and energy through the physical practices of Hatha Yoga, but will also activate their higher chakras with the esoteric practices of Bhakti, Mantra, Kundalini and Raja Yoga.

There where be much focus paid to traditional mystical philosophies, including Kashmir Shaivism, the foundation of modern Tantra. This is a 250 hr course, so it is about a week longer then traditional 200 hr courses.

Dates: Sept. 23Rd – Oct. 25th

Cost: $2200 (early bird price)

Yogamea Hatha and Ashtanga 200RYT Teacher Training



Yogamea is one of the more established providers of Yoga Teacher Training in Italy and they offer 200, 300 and even 500 hour training’s throughout the year. They have an ongoing relationship with the Rishikesh Mother School in India and their trainings are intended to mimic as close as possible the trainings offered by their root school.

They take a great deal of pride in offering a “back to basics” approach to Yoga that focuses on the fundamental principles and techniques of a traditional Hatha Yoga practice. They frequently employ guest teachers from India on their training’s, either in person or via live online platforms like Skype, and Timea Vitez, the schools founder and director of teacher training is a fully certified E-RYT with over 25 years of experience in the world of yoga.

In addition to classes on Asana, Pranayama, Anatomy, Philosophy and Meditation participants will also enjoy three full ayurvedic, vegetarian meals a day and free use of a bicycle to explore the countryside during free time.

Dates: Sept. 22Nd – Oct. 19th

Cost: $2512 for single room, $2231 for shared room

Ambra Vallo 50hr Hatha Advanced Training at Yoga in Salento



Ambra Vallo was once the principal ballerina with the Birmingham Royal Ballet. Originally taking to yoga to recover from dance related injuries, she would eventually dive into the deeper, more spiritual aspects of the practice and, after retiring from dance began to devote her career fully to yoga.

She has completed intensive trainings in Ashtanga Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Forrest Yoga and Dharma Yoga and in addition to training teachers, she also works with performers and athletes looking to supplement their training regimes.

Her Advanced Hatha Teacher Training is intended for existing teachers looking to enrich their knowledge and deepen their own practice. In addition to an intensive Asana practice much focus will be given to techniques like Pranayama, Mantra, Japa and Yoga Nidra to lead students towards the subtle aspects of the practice.

The training takes place at Yoga in Salento, which has established itself as one of the leading retreat centres in Europe. Accommodations will be clean and comfortable and the food served will be sustainable, locally sourced and vegetarian.

Dates: Aug. 3Rd – 10th

Cost: contact for more information

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