The Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Europe 2020 Guide

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A new decade is upon us. What’s on the top to-do list to start 2020 right? If you’re like most yogis, you’ve probably considered taking some new classes, trying a new style or studio, or even joining an exercise program. Maybe you want to learn more about spirituality, boost your self-confidence, or take on a new challenge. These are ambitious goals sure to motivate you and take your practice to the next level!

One of the most beneficial ways you can improve your practice this year is by attending a yoga retreat. Not only do yoga retreats offer daily yoga classes to quickly take you to the next level in your practice, they also give you the chance to focus, gain awareness, make new friends, and even relax in the process. For the ultimate experience, consider traveling abroad for a yoga retreat.

If you’re ready for a yoga retreat, check out some of the best retreat destinations in Europe! Europe is one of the best places to find a yoga retreat because of its variety and something for everyone. Europe has always been a great travel destination and is now a great yoga travel destination too. Let’s see what Europe has in store for you!

Europe: A Yogi’s Dreamland

From sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains, small villages to charming cities, Europe has it all. For yoga practitioners, Europe not only offers some amazing travel destinations, but also offers a wide range of adventures and excursions to enhance your yoga training program and explore mindfulness awareness in greater depth.

Traveling to Europe is relatively easy. Many retreats are close to major airport cities where you can experience the famous European rail system, or even rent a car and take the journey into your own hands. US citizens can stay in Europe visa-free for 90 days or less, plenty of time to relax, explore and attend a retreat or two!

Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Europe 2020

We’ve rounded up some of the best yoga retreats in Europe. From the British Isles to the Greek Isles and everywhere in between, here are some amazing yoga retreat deals for 2020.

Scottish Ford Eco Yoga Center



Visit EcoYoga throughout the year for a variety of yoga retreats and wellness classes. Fall in love with the stunning Scottish Highlands and reconnect with nature.

Programs: EcoYoga Retreat Center offers a range of yoga retreats such as Ashtanga Immersion, Iyengar and Meditation programs. One program that caught our attention was a yoga and mindfulness retreat hosted by Nick Loening. You’ll explore the fundamentals of Iyengar Yoga while practicing mindfulness and awareness exercises.

What we like: Yoga and mindfulness go hand in hand like yin and yang. Many yoga retreats include meditation training, but this retreat focuses on mindfulness. Mindfulness is something that can be practiced anytime, anywhere; you will definitely leave this retreat a changed person, with a new mindset!

Cost: £595

Address: Inverliever Lodge, Ford, Argyll PA31 8RH

British adventure yogis



Adventure Yogi has curated many yoga retreats across England to show you the best of the English countryside. From the seas of Cornwall to the lakes of the Lake District and the villages of Oxfordshire, the UK has a hideaway that’s right for you.

Programs: Adventure Yogi offers a variety of retreats throughout the year. Consider a yoga and walking retreat in the picturesque Lake District in spring or autumn, or a surf and walking yoga retreat in Cornwall during Easter. You’ll enjoy daily yoga, gourmet cuisine, meditation sessions and a variety of outdoor experiences.

What we like: We love the way Adventure Yogi puts nature at the center of any retreat. While yoga and activities are central, each retreat is set in grounds of natural beauty and tranquility, allowing you to find absolute peace and tranquility during your stay.

Fees: £395 – £475

Address: Varies by retreat. More information when booking.

Haa International Retreat Center in Hamneda, Sweden



Venture into beautiful Sweden for a retreat like no other. Haa International teaches Kriya Yoga and Meditation to rejuvenate the body and mind.

The plan: This 5-day retreat was a total reset. Along with transformative yoga and meditation, you’ll participate in a 1.5-day silent period and colon cleanse to completely detoxify your body and mind. After a morning yoga session, you can explore the Swedish countryside – canoeing, forest walks, or even horseback riding.

What We Like: The Haa International Retreat Center is home to many

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