Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Kerala 2020

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Kerala in the South of India seems a world away from the busy streets and markets that the bigger cities of India like Delhi or Mumbai are known for. Its protected wildlife and historic sites make it an ideal setting to get away from it all. It’s no wonder that yoga retreats are one of the top experiences to do in Kerala with many ashrams and yoga centers to suit all budgets dotting the landscape.

From full on Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment programs which include induced vomiting and other ancient and traditional practices to aid in foll body and spirit cleansing and detox, to more relaxing yoga and Aurveda retreats in spa-like resort atmospheres that will allow you to rest, rejuvinate, and reharmonize with yourself and nature at your own pace. Here are ten retreat centers in Kerala you can dive right into to focus on yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic treatments, and simply enjoy the beauty and simplicity of life in Kerala.

Ideal Ayurvedic Resort 



The Ideal Ayurvedic Resort boasts of many different treatment packages based on the 5,000 year old Indian system of holistic health. They serve fine dining at their in-house restaurant and each of their 50 rooms and cottages is a blend of traditional living with modern amenities situated around a pool in courtyard style.

The Ideal Ayurvedic Resorts was founded by Vaidyar J. Christudas, a traditional Ayurvedic Physician, in 1997. He followed the path of his grandfather who was also a traditional healer who used local herbs and Ayurvedic treatments to heal his patients.


Families, couples, and solo travelers will be able to enjoy their stay and find a treatment package that suites their needs and budget. Their Yoga program offers practices that help rejuvinate and get the best out of your healing holiday.

What We Like:

At only 20 kilometers away from the Trivandum International Airport, guests may also get complimentary pickup service as soon as they land in Trivandum via Air or Railway if you book a seven day retreat and treatment package.

Cost: Contact for more information

Address: Chowara beach,chowara.po, Kovalam,Trivandrum, Kerala 695501, India




Amruthamgamaya, or Amrutham for short, is a rustic retreat center where silence and space is honored and the entire resort can be your personal place for solace and exile.

Shoonyata, or the silence that prevades all, is at the heart and center of Amrutham. This silence elevates you to a balanced and sublime state of mind that is yoga, or union. Every treatment and program offered at Amrutham is designed to help you listen to your heart and enrich your entire being with the sound of silence, supported by nature and ancient knowledge for health and positive energy flow.


Programs at their tranquil center include a wellness program to harmonize the body and mind, and a yoga sutra program to learn the secret of wellness. They also offer personalized Ayurvedic treatment programs and yoga teacher trainings accredited by Yoga Alliance International India.

What We Like:

All eight rooms at Amrutham had A/C, broadband internet, and private bathrooms and showers. But the facilities of the center will have your out and about exploring their rooftop dining area, swimming pool, yoga studio, meditation rooms, seven treatment rooms, and of course, endless stunning views of nature all around.

Cost: Contact for more information

Address: RKN Road, Panangode, Venganoor P O, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695523, India

Elephant Pass Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat



Elephant Pass Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat is a privately owned retreat center located near Kodanad, a riverside village known to tourists as a traditional Elephant training center. The retreats concentrate on authentic Ayurvedic and yoga treatments based on ancient Vedic texts and how they can be used to treat modern ailments for tired travelers wanting to escape the busy world.


The special Yoga+Ayurveda Programs include accomodations in A/C rooms with a river view, twice daily Ayurvedic massages or treatments as prescribed by a doctor who will be consuting and checking up on you during your stay, three hours daily of yoga, daily internal medicines, sightseeing, complementary pickup and drop off at the airport, and more.

What We Like:

Enjoy the panoramic view of the river, forest, and Malayattoor church, a world Pilgrimage center. Other nearby tourist attractions are the Athirappalli water falls, Paniyeliporu, the Jain Kallil Cave Temple or the Iringole Kavu Forest Temple. Nature, hill, and jungle safaris may be booked in addition to your stay at the yoga retreat center.

Cost: Contact for more information

Address: Behind Elephant Kraal, Ernakulam, Kodanadu, Kerala 683544, India

Sharanagati Yoga Haus



Sharanagati Yoga haus is a home and garden retreat center located in a quiet spot on Varkala Beach in Kerala. The space only permits a maximum of 15 yoga residents at a time to give quality attention to each of their students.


Absolutely no drop ins are allowed and residents are also encouraged to keep away from the distractions of normal daily life like mobile phones and computers. Their daily schedule includes Vipasana meditation in silence, yoga asana practice, tea, and fresh Kerala style home cooking.

What We Like:

Sharanagati is composed of two houses with ten rooms in total. The first house in a Kerala style home which is cosy and charming. The second house is a newer Kerala style home. Both have private rooms, mosquito nets, and ensuite bathrooms. Access to the yoga garden is available to all guests to enjoy the views of fresh banana, papaya, mango, and other trees which provide a bountiful harvest for breakfast and other meals.

Cost: Contact for more information

Address: Thiruvambadi Rd, Varkala, Kerala 695141, India

Hinterland Village and Bodhi Center



Hinterland Village is an Eco-Retreat where all levels of yoga practitioners can enjoy programs throughout the year. Your stay at the Bodhi Center may also include a backwater cruise through the brackish lagoons and lakes around Kerala state, Ayurvedia treatments and massage, and other nature tours and treks. Retreats may be booked for one day or multi-day options for groups and solo travelers any time of the year so you can return home with a renewed sense of balance and authentic healing.


Begining July 2019, even children may enjoy yoga and retreat programs at Hinterland. Children ages 6 through 17 will be able to learn about sustainability, balance, and creativity with mentors who will guide them throughout various activities during the day.

What We Like:

All meals at Hinderland Village and Bodhi Center are vegetarian and organically grown and transformed by Maneesh, the in-house chef, into nutritious and nourishing food for the body and soul. The cuisine is a mix of traditional Kerala food and other dishes all made with love and care. You may even learn about Sattvic cooking during your stay.

Cost: Contact for more information

Address: Andethumugal Road, Mulanthurity, Karikode, Kochi, Kerala 682314, India

Namaste Ayurvedic Wellness Centre



Retreats at Namaste Ayurvedic Wellness Centre are perfect for anyone who wants to de-stress, detox, and seek therapy for a whole range of ailments and disease. Through the three sister sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Meditation, the center aims to bring all their guest into profound bliss. The retreat center itself is located in a quiet village of Chalakudy in the lap of the Western Ghats in Kerala. The centre is surrounded by rainforests, waterfalls, serene village life, and all kinds of medicinal and edible plants growing on the grounds.


Namaste Ayurvedic Wellness Centre offers a multitude of treatments, however, the best package for your situation will be determined after a consultation with one of their expert Ayurvedic doctors. A health history form may be filled out online as soon as you book your stay for your convenience.

What We Like:

The team at Namaste Ayurvedic Wellness Centre is lead by Dr.Steephan, an Ayurvedic doctor and yoga teacher who also works as a visiting consultant at Ayuspa Wellbeing Centre in London, United Kingdom. He is one of the directors and founders of the center and is in charge of all its day to day activities and programs.

Cost: 777 – 3,567 USD

Address: Kanjirappilly.P.O, Chalakudy, Kerala 680721, India

Somatheeram Research Institute and Ayurvedic Hospital



Somatheeram is an Ayurveda and Yogic Paradise located Chowara Beach, just south of the more famous Kovalam Beach in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. The resort is surrounded by 15 acres of greenery where you can relax and enjoy their array of treatments and programs. Other facilities include an organic dining area, boating, elephant rides, and many tours to see local village life, markets, nature trips, and days at the beach.


Somatheeram has 20 on-staff Ayurvedic doctors, 30 treatments rooms and 90 experienced therapists all with specialized training in Ayurvedic therapies. A minimum stay at Somatheera for their yoga program is seven days which includes two daily sessions, customized Ayurvedic treatments, vegetarian cuisine, cooking classes, and yoga and Ayurveda workshops.

What We Like:

Somatheeram has won numerous awards, including India’s Best Ayurveda Wellness Center by the Indian Governement three times, the Best Approved and Classified Ayurveda Centre by the Governmetn of Kerala six times, and they have won at least 32 international and national awards for excellence in Ayurveda.

Cost: Contact for more information

Address: Chowara, PO, Kovalam, Kerala 695501, India

Matagi Mundax Homestay Yoga Retreat



Matagi Mundax Homestay and Yoga Retreat is a private retreat centre located on a four acre organic farm near the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve, Thekkady. Only four students are taken in for a class which can be booked for 3, 5, 7, or 10 days.


The Yoga Meditation Retreat program includes time for asana meditation, nature walks, vegetarian meals, and even Ayurvedic massage treatments provided by the nearby Ayurvedic Health Center.

What We Like:

Matthew and Agi are the husband and wife team behind the homestay and yoga retreat center. Originaly from Poland and India, they welcome both newcomers and those who already have a regular yoga practice to join them to unwind, rejuvinate, and reflect in nature and create inner balance. The yoga taught at Mundax is based on the Hatha Yoga practice which focuses on slow, conscious movements and breath.

Cost: Contact for more information

Udayagiri Holistic Retreat Center



Udayagiri Holistic Retreat Center has three properties to cater to travelers wanting to find that perfect balance between nature and modern comforts – all while enjoying Ayurvedic treatments and practicing yoga while respecting the ancient traditions and philosophies behind them.


The Udayagiri Retreat Center itself is situated in a haven where rare and exotic birds and butterflies spread thier wings among the wild orchids and herbs. The Aurvedic Yoga Villa is located on the banks of the River Kabani within an ancient forest that spans three Indian states – Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu. Finally, the Ayurveda Yoga Village is an eco village with modern style cottages and a big garden that inspires outdoor living.

What We Like:

The Department of Tourism and Government of Kerala has awarded Udayagiri Holistic Retreat Center the status of Green Leaf. As an approved Ayurveda treatment center it must abide by all regulations for safety and preserving the knowledge of Ayurveda and pass all official inspections for a period of three years.

Cost: Contact for more information

Address: Udayagiri Cottage, Wayanad, Tholpetty, Kerala 670646, India

Ayurveda Yoga Villa



Ayurveda Yoga Villa offers Ayurvedic treatments, Yogasana, Pranayama, meditation, and vedic chants. They are located on Kuruva Island, on the River Kabani in Kerala. Even the design of their space is based on Vastu – an ancient science of architechture. Don’t forget to bring a pair of walking shoes for nature walks around the villa.


Experienced and qualified professionals oversee all Ayurvedic treatments at the Ayurveda Yoga Villa. Modern diagnosis methods along with traditional Ayurvedic wisdom help to merge old and new so that you get the best of both world when you book your stay and treatment program. Every June through October, they offer a special monsoon package for those who don’t mind the rainy atmosphere and can keep away from the busier tourist season.

What We Like:

More than just yoga and Ayurveda, Ayurveda Yoga Villa also offers Kalari. Straight from Kerala culture, Kalari is a discipline that may even be the oldest form of psycho-physiological training in human history. The martial art of Kalari, Kalaripayattu, is said to be the mother of all martial arts with even Chinese Kung Fu tracing it’s origins to it.

Cost: Contact for more information

Address: Ayurveda Yoga Villa, Bavali PO, Kartikulam, Wayanad district, Palvelichem, Kerala 670646, India


Kerala has much to offer for anyone of any budget looking for a yoga retreat center and Ayurvedic program to relax, rejuvinate, detox, and find balance. From lush jungles, cool hills, sandy beaches, and historical villages and tourist spots, there is so much to do in Kerala. These retreat centers will help you find that perfect harmony between spending time in quiet meditation, study, and solitude, while also discovering the best that Kerala has to offer to all travelers.

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