Top Ten Luxury Yoga Retreats in Canada 2020

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Grail Springs Wellness Retreat



Grail Springs Wellness Retreat in Ontario has won “Canada’s Best Wellness Retreat World Travel Spa Award” every year from 2016 through 2019. All stays include daily yoga and meditation, use of saunas, mineral tubs, and other healing installations, hikes and evening talks, and healthy plant-based meals.

Program: The Spa is open from 9am to 6pm. You may register to enrol in Spritual Enrichment Classes, which are one hour classes offered from Tuesday to Friday, or unique Soulshops for those who want to discover hidden aspects within themselves through discussions, reflection exercises, and creative activities. Registration for a Soulshop must be done at least 24 hours in advance.

What We Like: Grail Springs is dedicated to the goals and achievements for individuals, so group bookings are not encouraged and rooms are limited to a maximum of three people only.

Cost: The all-inclusive Base Package starts at CA$295 per person per night with a minimum stay of two nights. Packages which are all-inclusive and have an additional detox and cleansing treatments or live-changing program start at CA$375 per person. Upgrades to Juice Cleanses, Spritual Enrichment, and other special packages are also available.

Address: Grail Springs Retreat for Wellbeing Bancroft, Ontario Canada

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa 



Combine nordic-style hikes in the lush mountains of British Columbia with state-of-the-art spa and fitness programs and you’ve got an award winning luxury spa and retreat experience that has been helping thousands of people regain control of their health and their lives for the past 18 years.

Program: The Mountain Trek program is an all-inclusive experience  that allows you to slow down to enjoy nature, reverse the effecrs of aging, and feel healthy again. Just a week or two nestled away in the mountains will allow you to reconnect through nordic hiking 3-4 hours daily, ample time for spa and relaxation especially before bedtime, detox your body with nutritious, gourmet, spa cuisine and proper meal timing, and reduce stress with mindfulness and other relaxation activities.

What We Like: Mountain Trek is the real deal – it is  not just a week escape to have cucumbers over your eyelids by the pool. Their team of doctors and specialists will help you through the retreat program to achieve your goals and maintain them even in your day to day life even after your leave the mountains.

Cost: A seven-day all-inclusive stay at Mountain Trek costs US$5400. A $1000 non-refundable, but transferable, reservation fee will be collected at the time of booking.

Address: Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa 3800 North Street Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia V0G 1A0

KurSpa at Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa 



The name KurSpa is an amalgamation of the German word for “healing” and the Latin word for “water.” Considered by many to be one of the most unique spas in the world, they offer over 100 different innovative treatment procedures which promote whole body wellness.

Program: Health and Wellness Packages at KurSpa integrate the best of European spa treatments and holistic services. Book a FOCUS program which aims to enhance interpersonal relationships through a completely customized program which supports healing of the mind. Or book a 5-night Whole Body Wellness program which is also customized to help you achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The shortest program is a 2 night introductory Health and Wellness Package which introduces you to their core programs and the benefits of living a healthy life.

What We Like: Following European Spa Philosophy, KurSpa follows the cycle of healing and holistic rejuvenation with both heat and cold in invigorating repetition. Privacy is maintained through a strict no-photo policy as well as a no cellphone policy.

Cost: Seasonal sales and offers at Sparkling Hill allow you to stay for CA$275 per mid-week night, depending on when you book. Contact KurSpa for the most upto date discounts and package offers for multi-day programs, spa treatments.

Address: Sparkling Hill Resort 868 Sparkling Place Vernon, British Columbia V1H 2K7

Nonpareil Holistic Natural Health Retreat



Detox and cleanse with Nontareil’s powerful and proven holistic approach. Using yoga, meditation, emotional clearing, Reiki balancing, holistic nutrition, and weight loss boot camp, their program is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to take home and maintain a healthy lifestyle and choices to keep yourself in optimum health.

Program: Raw organic juices with cleanse and replenish your body while giving you the optimum nutrients to support your kidneys, liver, blood, lymphatic system, lungs, and skin in eliminating your toxic overload. Stress management is dealt with through breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, meditation, and education of which food contribute to your stress. Weight loss is not only approached from a physical standpoint, but also with emotional clearing techniques which will help you release from emotional baggage that may be the root cause for holding on to unhealthy eatind and weight.

What We Like: Mind, body, and soul integration is the approach that Nonpareil takes to holistic health and healing. The retreat includes yoga programs, cranio sacral therapy, reiki, reflexology, saunas, kripalu massage, nutritional consultations, stress management, and other modalities to treat you from the inside out and outside in.

Cost: Accommodation at Nonpareil costs CA$225 per day for a private room and CA$200 per person for a shared room. Treatments and packages are extra which start at CA$40 for a Coffee Enema or Far Infrared Sauna Detoxification 30 minute session, and go up to CA$95 for Nutritional Consultations, Reiki, Mind Body And Soul Integration, Kripalu Massage, and other 1 hour treatments.

Address: Nonpareil Natural Health Retreat 658 Wellmans Rd, RR#3 Stirling, Ontario

Evolve Retreat Co



The Evolve Retreat Co. team are wellness experts who have one mission: to improve your health and wellness with education, experiences, encouragement, and support. The programs and retreats offered at Evolve range from movement, enlightening lectures, outdoor activities, and nutritional balance.

Program: Everyday is a new adventure at Evolve Retreat Co. each program is tailored for you. Here is a sample schedule you may enjoy at the retreat center: The day begins at 6:30am to greet the morning and take a deep breath of crisp, fresh air from the Rockie Mountains while enjoying sunrise yoga class. At 7:30am a light and nourishing breakfast will be served. At 8:30am, you will go on a guided hike in the Kananaskis. A packed lunch will be served at 12:00pm on the trail. When you return from your wild adventure at 1:30pm, enjoy a revitalizing refreshment. At 2:30pm take a healthy cooking class by the gazeebo or another class that will enrich your life. Then take part in a fitness class at 3:00pm lead by one of the team’s movement specialists. Sit down for a scrumptious meal at 6:30pm which is made with only the best organic ingredients possible. Enjoy the sunset and cap off the day with a yoga nidra session at 7:30pm.

What We Like: Evolve Retreat Co. is a prestigious all-inclusive luxury retreat. And at its heart is the community they created which aims to elevate their guests experience and help people take both large and small steps in their daily journey towards lifelong health and wellness.

Cost: The cost of retreats at Evolve vary depending on the program, length and extras. For example, the One Day to a Better Life retreat costs CA$395, while a 5-day Wellness Retreat may cost upto CA$3895 per person.

Address: Evolve Retreat Co. holds retreats at many picturesque locations around Alberta. Their main office is located at A. 43 Dieppe Drive SW, Calgary, Alberta T3E 7A6

Gaia Wellness Retreats



Find serenity, at last, at Gaia Wellness Retreats, a 70 acre property that offers something that modern city living cannot give – a chance to escape in nature to reconnect with all that life has to offer, allow your thinking mind to slow down, and remember that it is your birthright to live a life that is full of meaning and purpose. Deepen your spiritual connection and get some much needed rest and relaxation at the same time. In your private cabin, you can enjoy the silence and stillness, read a book, listen to your own heartbeat, or go on a hike or lounge by the semi-private beach.

Program: Personal Wellness Retreats are inclusive of your private cabin and three vegetarian meals a day. You will have daily meditation and yoga asana classes and have the option to spend your retreat in silence. In addition, you may also avail of extra services like Energy Healing and Therapeutic Sound, Bio Tuning, Guidance, Healthy Cooking, Relaxation and Reiki Massage, Self-Inquiry Therapy, Connecting to Nature, and more. All retreats are tailored to each unique individual and your custom service begins from the moment you contact them to inquire that will suit your personal needs and goals.

What We Like: In addition to Personal Retreats, Gaia Wellness also offers retreats for couples, addiction recovery, grief and loss retreats, Juice fasting and detoxification, personal transformation retreats, and other programs and one on one services for spiritual transformation. Choose to either spend just one whole day for yourself, or go on an extended personal retreat for up to two weeks.

Cost: Tuition for the retreat program only costs CA$340 per day. Accommodation costs CA$140 per day in a private room or cabin, inclusive of meals, and CA$110 per day in a shared cabin or room, inclusive of meals.

Address: Gaia Wellness Retreat 209 Chemin Usher, La Peche Quebec

Sanctum Retreat



Sanctum Retreat is a Catholic spiritual getaway which welcomes people of all faiths and religigious or spiritual backgrounds. The retreat center is a space in nature that allows you to return renewed, refresh, recentered, and reminded of your relationship with God. They believe that taking time apart is to a 12-step program to deepen your understanding and conscious contact with God.

Program: Various programs and retreats are scheduled throughout the year. Every weekend, Sanctum Retreat holds space for a time of silence and meditation. Their doors open at 4:00pm for orientation after which the time for silence begins. Four reflective conferences will be held throughout the weekend retreat and communal prayer is held before meals. Supper is served at 7:00pm.

What We Like: Even though Sanctum Retreats is a Catholic center, they welcome people of all backgrounds and creeds to benefit from their retreat offerings. Scheduled throughout the year are retreats for Women only, Men only, couples, Corporate retreats, 7-day silence retreats, and the Serenity 12 Step Retreats.

Cost: Weekend retreat passes may be purchased starting at CA$300.

Address: Sanctum Retreat Box 550 Caroline Alberta T0M 0M0

SevaLight Retreat Center 



SevaLight Retreat Center was founded by Mata Yogananda Mahasya Dharma. The center upholds the teachings of past spiritual masters as Babaji, Biddha, Jesus, and the Saints. They blend scientific and spiritual knowledge in a practice that leads to Self-Realization and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit of all God’s living creatures. And most importantly, that love is the strongest energy force there is anywhere.

Program: One of the signature offerings at SevaLight is the Pure Meditation Program. It is a specific form of concentration which tunes in with Cosmic Consciousness and includes the hightest Raja and Kriya yogas. In-depth courses in Pure Meditation last for one week under the guidance of Mara Yogananda. Personal development retreats may also be arranged with individuals or groups of up to ten people which include a program of yoga, meditation, self-help work, and other modalities for spiritual healin,g, transformation, and awakening.

What We Like: SevaLight is located in the rainforest region of of the Pacific Northwest. The retreat provides accommodation and home cooked meals to give you the time and space needed to reflect, contemplate, recharge, and find nurturing support.

Cost: Fees vary depending on which retreat or program you join. The Pure Spiritual Healing course tuition is CA$625 per week for five weeks over two years, meals and room additional. Silent retreats, which are usually every weekend are CA$170 for one night or CA$260 for two nights. A Digital Detox weekend costs CA$230, and a yoga and meditation weekend costs CA$222. See the SevaLight website for complete rates and packages.

Address: SevaLight Retreat Center for Self-Realization Halfmoon Bay Village, British Columbia

The Homestead Tofino



Located in the UNESCO biosphere of Tofino British Columbia, The Homestead Tofino has been put together by a team of outdoor enthusiasts who believe that living well, eating well, and mindfulness provide lasting, long-term health.

Program: The program includes outdoor activities such as guided nature walks, hikes, nutritious meals, and yoga and meditation activities. You may also experience First Nation culture while paddling in a dugout canoe.

What We Like: The Homestead Tofino is not only a place to go on a personal or group retreat, it is also a destination to learn more about and appreciate First Nation history, art, and Culture. Although the current population of Tofino is only 2000 residents, it is believed that over 100,000 First Nations called this area home.

Cost: Rent out the entire homestead for CA$852 a night.

Address: The Homestead Tofino 210 Neil Street, Tofino British Columbia

Paradise Found



Paradise Found offers wellness services, yoga retreats, and services for various clients to shed toxic stress and improve health under the Destress Inc. program created by Nomi Davis. They are dedicated to serving and supporting people in whatever way they need to be healed – whether it be via diet, nutritional cooking, strength training, relaxing, restoring from loss, or deep emotional wounds and physical challenges.

Program: Your treatment begins from the moment you are picked up for your booking and continue even between treatments and classes with healthy, nourishing meals. Every journey and experience is unique to your needs and the staff and facilitators at Paradise Found will be happy to cater your retreat to your specific needs, goals, and intentions.

What We Like: Salt Springs Island only has a dozen homes on the lake, making Paradise Found a private escape near the water. Outdoor hot tubs are just steps away from the cottage as well as a private dock where you can lounge and enjoy the scenery. Paradise Found Cottage itself is a mix of antiques with country charm and blends the modern comforts of western living with the exotic healing influences of the east.

Cost: Contact Paradise Found for the most up to date information on Yoga Retreat and Wellness packages or a Destress Inc. Program.

Address: Paradise Found, Cusheon Lake Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

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