Yoga Instructor Salary and How To Make Money In The Yoga Industry

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Especially for prospective students, you’re facing some tough questions about a career choice. What is the average salary of a yoga instructor, and how else can you make money in the yoga industry?

The average salary for a yoga instructor is 60,000 dollars annually. This information is from teaching (on average) 26 classes a week per year, at a rate of 50 dollars per class. The beauty of teaching yoga is that this industry comes with immense possibilities.

There are many opportunities to explore within the yoga industry; it all takes a little innovation and creativity. Whether you’re interested in the classroom or finding new ways to reach participants, there’s many ways to continue to learn and increase your earning potential.

How To Become A Yoga Instructor

How To Become A Yoga Instructor

There are many different schools you can go to start your yoga instructor journey. Although, a lot of them follow a similar structure, many are now offered online but they’re classrooms that are taught in-person as well. Whatever teaching environment works best for your learning style. There’s something tailored to your learning preference. Here are the basic steps to get certification:

Step One: Choose a yoga school that resonates with your values and has the style you wish to train in. Such as; Hatha, Iyenga, or Ashtanga yoga. The yoga alliance has generated a standard of measure on an international scale. They offer various yoga teachings and programs. To get started, find a yoga school that’s registered. Once you’ve completed their training, you’re well on your way to step 2. Applying for certification.

Step Two: You’re ready to apply for certification. Different certification levels call for different requirements. Depending on the amount of time one invests in the program. Most people begin the program that consists of 200 hours. These hours can rely on the selected style and tradition to incorporate into their study. For example, some online options to get your 200 hours of training can be through:

  • Online Yoga School: This yoga school covers asana, offers live zoom meetings, and teaches yoga as a business. This is very helpful information on what to do after completion of schooling. Knowing how to get started, what the steps are, and how to follow through.
  • Siddhi Yoga: One of the top teaching academies in India. This school’s registration is through the Yoga Alliance. They also offer an Ayurveda course that can help expand your knowledge in the art of yoga.
  • My Vinyasa Practice: An approved course from the yoga alliance. They also offer live weekend lectures online. Guided meditations and scripts direct support from peers and teachers.

Two hundred hours is a necessary amount of time for students to grasp an in-depth idea of how the body moves. This perspective helps students learn the mechanics behind each posture. This level of teaching is also the time where you will learn anatomy and physiology.

Step Three: After you complete your 200 hours at the school, you will register with the Yoga Alliance of America. Here, once you’re certified, you can start creating a stand-out CV. Then, start looking into ways to get your name out there and start teaching classes.  When joining a studio or taking on a class, remember that the hourly pay range varies.

You may get in with an established studio where they pay the 50 dollars or more. This is what the average salary estimate is above. But, for smaller studios, they may pay more in the range of 30-35 per class. For some instructors with years of experience, you may earn 70-75 (or more) per class.

What Do Yoga Instructors Do?

What Do Yoga Instructors Do

As a yoga instructor, your expectation is to help your class perform yoga moves with ease. Yoga teachers help students with guidance to achieve a specific depth of stretch or goal. They show poses as necessary for safety and instruction. They help check the classroom and attend to students who are struggling. Yoga teachers come from many different backgrounds. Some work in fitness centers, studios, or within facilities focused on wellness.

Ways To Seek Alternatives Opportunities For Financial Gain

Ways To Seek Alternatives Opportunities For Financial Gain

There are a plethora of other ways to increase your financial opportunities. Most of these opportunities can start on your time and go at your own pace, the best part. Let’s take a look at how you can try and increase your knowledge of yoga while also helping your finances.

Write For Yoga Journals/Magazines/Columns

At this point, you’re familiar with the art of yoga. You know the postures and how to move. You’re very well versed in the industry. A way to keep expanding your knowledge is to write for miscellaneous yoga journals. This could be online blogs or magazines. Writing enables you to have a creative outlet outside the norm. This can also enable new friendships and opportunities connect with other yogis.

Help Out At Events/Create An Event

Many yogis will help out at training events or create an event with a particular theme to attract guests. This approach is also an innovative way of marketing. It helps to get to know people on a more personal level and invite them to your classes. Consider offering a hand to an event or creating your own that takes the studio outside the norm. Whether you want to be outside, or try a particular theme that targets a specific age group. This can motivate and get students excited for something new. While also getting them familiar with how you teach and what sort of classes you offer.

Consider Writing and Publishing a Book or E-Book

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of opportunities to find a niche that resonates with you. Once you find it, delve deep into the research. Compile enough information and consult resources and consider putting out a book. This could be an online e-book for students bringing them to your site, or publishing a hard copy. Odds are if you can write about something you’re passionate about you can inspire others too.

Online Yoga Teaching

Online Yoga Teaching

Teaching yoga online is an excellent approach. Especially for a new yogi, to pack in some extra classes when you’re on the hunt for some studio time. Whether it’s been difficult finding a yoga studio or time slots at a yoga studio to be open, this option can help. With online yoga teaching this can serve as an alternative way to share the art of yoga. You can help teach students and promote them to stay balanced and within the comfort of their own home – and yours!

Connect With Students Through Media Streams

Today we live in an age where social media is a precious tool for business. Yoga teachers and the yoga industry are no exception to that. Use social media to attract a greater audience. There are even more possibilities with making creative content for video or social media. Provide creative content through social media networks through pictures, videos, or blogs. This sort of content can help build your personal brand. It can also allow affiliate marketing or brands to come to you for endorsement. There are many opportunities to put you out there.

Create Merchandise That Showcases Your Values

Merchandise is a great way to create another income stream. This also builds familiarity with your audiences. By creating gear, this lets them know what you stand for and your brand identity. Creating merchandise could be a lot of different things. As simple as reminding them to ‘stay present’ or incorporating your studio name. Whatever the product you choose, or how you want to use it to market, can produce another income.

Private Lessons or individual-focused Courses

Like a personal trainer, you may offer classes where you work with a single student. This could be because they’re looking for a mentor, or they want to improve their skills and feel insecure. There are many reasons why someone may want this as an option and this can also serve as a means to fill in the gaps.

Is A Yoga Instructor Career Path Right For You?

Is A Yoga Instructor Career Path Right For You

Answering these questions is an assessment of someone’s individual goals and values. If you’re someone who likes a job that is very stable, there may be aspects of the instructor career you may not like. Though, aspects of it may resonate with you and you could enjoy the flexibility. It’s an assessment in personality and desire of what you want out of a career.

This industry allows for creativity and that comes with creative income opportunities. Of course, you’re the only one to make that decision. If you’re someone who is very inspired and finds dedication to the yogic lifestyle, this may be a great fit. It’s something worth investigating for yourself and weighing the pros and cons.

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