10 Best MC Yogi Songs to Add to Your Yoga Playlist

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Music has a way of reaching the soul. It’s hard to hear a song and not feel a certain emotion. Listening to music can even help motivate and motivate you to achieve a certain goal. For this particular reason, many athletes listen to music during hard training sessions. While yoga may not seem like a strenuous exercise on the surface, there are many benefits to listening to music while doing yoga.

In today’s world, there are quite a few famous artists in the yoga genre. You could say that the genre is huge, because almost anything can be considered yoga music. As long as it’s cool, high in frequency, or helps trigger a meditative state of mind.

However, there is one artist in particular who is well known in the community. His name is MC Yogi and he is known for promoting Hindu philosophy and doing Bhajans. Bhajans are devotional religious songs in Hindu religion.

His debut album, Elephant Power, was released in 2002, so it’s safe to say that picking just 10 of his songs was a daunting task. Before we dive into MC Yogi’s top ten songs to add to your yoga playlist, here’s a little more about the man himself.

Who is MC Yogi?

Who is MC Yogi?

Real name Nicholas Giacomini, MC Yogi. He has over 320,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and his most popular songs have over 15 million plays. He refers to many of his songs as “Omstrumentals,” but he also raps. When it comes to Yoga Fest, he’s one of the most anticipated performers on the schedule. That’s not all; the man even wrote his own memoir!

However, his resume doesn’t stop there. He is also a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher and studio owner.

Those who knew Giacomini will find his presence endearing, wise, creative, innovative, yet peaceful.

Rod Stryker, founder of ParaYoga, said, “To know MC YOGI is to fall in love with him; to listen to his music and to see him perform means to celebrate life and be carried away by the life pulse of the spirit.”

He may not fit the physical description of someone who writes ancient Indian cultural and religious music, which may be another reason why he is so popular in the yoga world. He overcomes all clichés. His personality alone reminds his fans that the ego exists only in logical thinking. He challenges you to let go of the social programming of the past and live in the present, because after all that is what it is all about.

It’s as if his presence makes you question everything you think you know about yoga. As yoga conquered the western hemisphere of the world and became modernized in Western culture, some say it was a remix or colonial version of traditional Indian yoga. Much of the western world has adopted yoga in the sense of self. That said, many Western cultures have found their identity in yoga.

It’s fair to say that most people in Western culture have heard of or own Lululemon leggings and branded mats, even if they’ve never done yoga. In the United States, yoga is a well-established fashion trend. MC Yogi challenges this trend with each of his creations.

If you want to know how MC Yogi got involved in Hindu philosophy, you can contact his wife Amanda Giacomini. After all, she is the founder of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Project. However, MC Yogi discovered his interest in yoga early on, and it was his father. He also grew up in progressive San Francisco, California, which may have something to do with it.

Regardless of how it got started, the thousands of monthly listeners are sure to be glad it did. For a detailed look at some of MC Yogi’s best songs and playlists, read on!

The 10 Best MC Yogi Songs to Add to Your Yoga Playlist

    give love

This track is uplifting and can also be used as an heart chakra activation. The lyrics challenge listeners to give love fearlessly, because that’s all we really have. It is necessary to “open the cage, turn the key, and break the shackles” to protect the soul.

Society hardens the soul to protect the heart. This track challenges that mentality. It promotes the idea that society’s perceptions can be changed and that love is the answer to change. Love is the almighty frequency that dispels all fears!

    Ganesh is fresh

If you want to be a yoga music producer, you better know Ganesh. MC Yogi rocked the park with his homage to the Ganesha Hindu god. If you ever needed a national anthem, this is it.

The track had Ganesh hype. Not only that, but it also explains Ganesh’s popularity. So not only are you invoking this illustrious being during your yoga practice, but you also learn all about him in the process.


We all have to do our shadow work from time to time. That’s how we keep growing and making sure we continue to improve. “Sun Light” is a track of encouragement to those who feel overwhelmed by darkness and past trauma. It encourages the listener to let go of the darkness. Feel the emotion and go with it.

It promises the warmth and positivity of the sun just beyond, behind where most are afraid to look. Those who listen to the song while practicing yoga may experience symptoms of high energy during the practice.

    Shanti (Peace)

The word Shanti is a Sanskrit word meaning peace, happiness or tranquility. The song “Shanti (Peace Out)” is essentially a plea for peace. Conversely, Practicing Yoga is of course a great song. A peaceful mind has everything to do with finding and cultivating peace. Among peaceful instrumentals, it has fewer words than vocals. This one is hard to hear and won’t fall

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