10 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Europe 2020

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Teatet forest trails, emerald beaches, cypress trees, pebble paths, ancient history. A sense of peace, serenity and something great under your feet. This is Europe and it awaits you.

In the new year, you may be craving a new adventure. Something to set your soul on fire. But – you are also a dedicated student of yoga. You will find peace, love, awareness and connection when you lie on the mat. You also want to light the fire in your practice. Yoga brings something amazing into your life and you want to give back to it in some way.

Participate in teacher training

If that’s you, it might be time to take a big step forward, push your practice, and dust off your passport. Not only are you ready to increase your knowledge of asanas, but you’re also prepared to gain a deeper understanding of the practice and lifestyle of yoga. You are willing to share your knowledge and this wonderful medicine of life with others. It’s time to start your yoga teacher training!

Once you have settled in for a while in a comfortable student life, yoga teacher training is the next important step in your yoga experience. Yoga teacher training gives you the structure and fundamentals to not only get better at practicing yoga, but also to help others on their own path. If you want to make yoga a big part of your life, this is the year for you to take action as a teacher and leader!

Yoga teacher training courses are offered all over the world. While you may have a great program next to you, why not consider making your yoga teacher training part of an immersive travel experience? Programs abroad often offer a one-month fast-track immersion to help you fully immerse yourself in the training experience. You’ll get more than a certificate; you’ll have memories, stories and unique breakthroughs to last a lifetime.

One of our favorite yoga teacher training destinations is Europe! In 2020, there is an incredible amount of opportunity in many different European countries. Let’s take a look at the best European YTT programs for the coming year.

Europe: Your Yoga Teacher Training Destination

With 44 countries and dozens of amazing world-class cities, it’s no surprise that Europe is a popular travel destination. But do you see Europe as a yoga teacher training destination? Tropical islands like Costa Rica and Bali are popular locations for yoga teacher training, but for yogis interested in getting off the beaten track, Europe also has plenty to offer.

Europe is the perfect yoga teacher training destination for anyone looking to enjoy some extra travel before and after training. With its extensive rail network, cheap flights and excellent transport connections, Europe offers the savvy planner a unique journey. It is also relatively easy for US citizens to enter Europe within 90 days.

Whether you want to practice yoga and study on the beach, in a luxurious city center or in a quiet forest village, Europe has it all!

Top 10 Teacher Training Courses in Europe

We’ve compiled the top 10 yoga teacher training courses in Europe to offer a diverse mix of unique experiences, dedicated teachers, a solid foundation and quality training. Let’s discover the possibilities…

Skiros Academy of Yoga Glyfada, Athens, Greece


Visit Yoga Skyros Academy year-round for 200 or 500 hour yoga teacher training sessions.

The Plan: You and 7 to 9 other students embark on a 4-week journey into a new career at Yoga Skyros. Highly qualified teachers teach all necessary subjects, from asanas to eight limbs, from ethics to anatomy, with a focus on how to run a yoga business after graduation. The program also teaches how to use your voice and hands effectively when teaching and prepares you to take on the role of teacher with confidence and grace.

What we like: The Yoga Skyros program is a special YTT program in the heart of Athens. During this transformative program, you will have the opportunity to discover the history and mysteries of ancient Greece while connecting more deeply with your heart and mind.

Fee: 2700 Euros (early bird discount available)

Address: Alexandro Athanasiadi 8, 19002 Paiania – Athens, Greece

Yoga in Barcelona, ​​Spain and Yoga Barcelona


Spend a month in sunny Barcelona learning to be a yoga teacher. This sounds like a dream! Anything is possible with Yoga & Yoga.

Programs: Yoga & Yoga is a Yoga Alliance registered teaching program offering 200 and 300 hour classes. Their focus is Hatha Yoga, but they emphasize the variety of yoga. Their goal is to develop outstanding teachers who are passionate about holistic health.

What we like: Yoga & Yoga offers not only basic yoga teacher training classes, but also a variety of developmental classes for current teachers. Consider honing your skills with an adaptation class, yin yoga practice, the art of sequencing, or chanting.

Cost: 1950 – 2150 Euros

Address: C/ Verdi 169-1º-1ª. Barrio de Gracia, BARCELONA (Metro Lesseps)

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