10 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in France 2020

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These are ten of the best yoga teacher trainings in France. From children’s yoga to advanced teacher trainings, and from the mountains of France to its coast, there is a training that is right for everyone.

Yogaji 200-Hour Teacher Training



France and Austria share a similar culture thanks to their shared history and border. If you’re looking for an (even) more multicultural experience during your yoga teacher training, try out Yogaji – a Viennese yoga studio and company that regularly hosts teacher trainings in France.


During your training, you’ll also learn the history of yoga, with an emphasis on teaching lineage, anatomy, physiology, and more. Between training sessions, you can enjoy and explore Ardeche, the mountainous region of southern France where the training takes place. Throughout the 30-day training you will live communally with the other Yogaji students, in a collection of small houses in the French countryside, set up in the style of a Yoga Ashram.

What We Like:

Completing your training with Yogaji may also be especially meaningful for those with an interest in kids yoga. Julie Giacomini, one of the founders and teachers of Yogaji, also holds the title as the founder of France’s Kids Yoga Federation. So whether you’re seeking a special education in children’s yoga, a multicultural experience, or just want to complete your 200-hour yoga teacher training, Yogaji may be the right choice for you.


Contact Yogaji for cost.

Bas Praly 07360 St Michel de Chabrillanoux

Co.Inspire 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training



Co.Inspire is a yoga studio and company run by the dynamic Corinne Burgaliere. Corinne writes that she “sees life as a kaleidoscope of colors,” and that this kaleidoscope can shine brightly if we harmonize all our states on consciousness. She believes that yoga is the key to doing this. Co.Inspire offers 200-hour yoga teacher trainings in both France and India. During training, students learn both the science and art of traditional Indian yoga, honoring the practice’s cultural history.


The course is offered in both English and French, and is capped at 15 students, ensuring a tight knit group. In addition to the traditional syllabus, students are also instructured in emotional body intelligence, a unique art and science that will enable them to “read the room” and tailor their classes to each student. The course is offered three times a year in France, from a 100-year old house situated in the French Riviera. Students will enjoy the small villages and easy access to both the Alps and the coast.

What We Like:

The training is unique as students will leave with a qualification that is certified both by Yoga Alliance, and the Indian Affiliated Yoga Schools.


2,440 USD

32 rue de l’Egalité, 06530 Saint Cézaire

Rainbow Light Yoga Teacher Training



Go back to the true basics and enjoy the simplicity of just existing, with Rainbow Light Yoga Teacher Training. This prolific yoga company offers teacher trainings nearly every month of the year, in multiple locations in France. The rooms are basic, and do not have air conditioning or heating. The food, which is provided during the entirety of training, is simple and plain. Although this setup might seem spare, it is actually a technique to encourage students to tune into their sense of santosha, or contentment, as well as aparigraha, or non-attachment.


If you can’t make one training session, just book for the following month. Full month-long 200-hour yoga teacher trainings are offered in glitzy seaside Biarritz, and secluded countryside Coudures. Both locations offer a residential program, where trainees will live, learn, eat, practice, and sleep alongside each other for the duration of the training. In fact, the accommodation is shared, and is structured so that trainees will sleep in large rooms or halls together.

What We Like:

By living and practicing in this minimalist environment, students learn to thrive without excess belongings. As such, they put the yogic teachings to the test, and learn philosophy not just by reading, but by living.


Starting at 1,552 USD

1122 Route d’Encos, 40500 Coudures, France

La Borde Blanque Raja Yoga Teacher Training



Set in five private hectares of the Pyrenees mountains, is a traditional French manor called La Borde Blanque. This stunning manor is home to a unique yoga teacher training opportunity, as well as regularly run yoga retreats and energy healings. At La Borde Blanque, Raja Yoga is approached as a kind of “mindful yoga,” where meditation is valued equally to the physical practice.


The yoga teacher training offered at La Borde Blanque is somewhat unusual. It goes beyond the typical 200-hour training, and is actually a 400-hour yoga teacher training in Raja Yoga, that is internationally recognized by the International Yoga Federation, and the European Yoga Alliance. What is Raja Yoga and how is this course different from other courses? Raja Yoga is one of the original paths of yoga, and refers to a type of yoga where the asanas, or physical postures, are simply a way to ready the body for meditation.

What We Like:

Coming in at nearly a month and a half in length, this is one of the longest yoga teacher trainings offered in France. But with the gorgeous surroundings of Lake Montbel, the hiking trails through the Pyrenees Mountains, and even a private beach on the property, trainees will find themselves wanting to stay at La Borde Blanque forever.


1,215 USD

La Borde Blanque, 09600 Montbel, France

TK Yoga Teacher Training



TK Yoga is a British yoga company run in collaboration by two good friends. The company offers courses throughout the year on specific anatomical topics, trainings in reflexology, aromatherapy, and massage, as well as full length teacher trainings. This course is offered four times a year at their sister studio in the south of France.


Each training lasts 21-days, making each day full of education, practice, and more. The course has a comprehensive syllabus that weaves together many different styles of yoga, including Kundalini, Yin, Nidra, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and more. This makes the TK Yoga teacher training an ideal course for those who are interested in exploring a range of yoga styles, who have an open mind and heart, and who have not committed themselves completely to one preferred style of yoga yet.

What We Like:

Although TK Yoga is based in the United Kingdom, they do offer an all inclusive, residential 200-hour yoga teacher training in France!


1,819 USD

Yoga Inari 200-Hour Teacher Training



If you are interested in Karma Yoga, and looking to do your yoga teacher training with a company that truly values giving back to their community, you may be interested in Yoga Inari. During the three weeks of residential training, students will live in a cluster of small French cottages. Food is also provided during the course, and the menu is strictly organic, vegetarian, and locally-sourced. There is a phone interview process required to be considered for the Yoga Inari teacher training course, which ensures that each accepted student is serious about their journey with yoga.


The 200-hour yoga teacher training is offered twice per year at the studio in Marseilles. Students can expect an intimate experience, capped at ten people, that is both inspiring and intense in its syllabus. During training, students will learn philosophy, spiritual history, the development of yoga culture, meditation, yoga theory, and of course learn how to break down and analyze each yoga pose.

What We Like:

This yoga studio, located in beautiful Marseilles, France, regularly teaches yoga at underprivileged schools and to prison inmates.


Contact Yoga Inari for cost.

24 Montée du Pin, 13016 Marseille, France

Ashram de Yoga Sivananda France Teacher Trainings



Lovers of the Sivananda style of yoga will feel rejuvenated after spending any amount of time at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram of France. This special ashram is a community that is dedicated to Sivananda yoga. The ashram itself was designed by Swami Vishnudevanda, and includes an expansive outdoor area, complete with yoga pagodas and biking paths. As an ashram, the practice of “selfless love” or karma yoga is encouraged. Students can spend up to an hour per day volunteering to clean, serve, cook, or otherwise assist in the operations of the ashram. This creates a community atmosphere. In terms of yoga teacher trainings, the offerings at the ashram are seemingly endless.


A 200-hour yoga teacher training is of course available, as well as multiple advanced teacher training courses, a two-week Sadhana intensive, and even further continuing training for already-ceritified yoga teachers. These include topics such as how to teach meditation, teaching children’s yoga, how to correct advanced yoga postures like inversions, accessible and geriatric yoga, and so much more.

What We Like:

There is a traditional French manor on site, where students stay in luxurious rooms. The manor is complete with a yoga library, full of classical and modern texts, as well as a yoga boutique and multiple studio rooms.


Starting at 2,290 USD

24 Impasse du Bignon, 45170 Neuville-aux-Bois, France

Yoga Beach House 200-Hour Teacher Training



For a more bohemian experience, head to Yoga Beach House in the south of France for your 200-hour teacher training needs. This beachside yoga studio is not far from the nearest city, Bordeaux, and close to the Spanish border as well. With training courses offered three times per year, each certified by the Yoga Alliance, you have plenty of options at Yoga Beach House. Also notable is that the teacher trainings offered at Yoga Beach House are open to women only. Students will spend the twenty days of training falling in love with the practice, their inner selves, and of course the gorgeous French coast that is only 200 meters from the front door of the eco-lodge where they will be staying.


Alongside the classic syllabus of anatomy, physiology, yoga class sequencing, and philosophy, there are many other benefits to completing your training at Yoga Beach House. Trainees have the opportunity to try Stand Up Paddleboard yoga, beach yoga, and sunset meditation. They are also welcome to dip in the ocean between classes, and enjoy the raw, organic menu offered throughout the course.

What We Like:

More unusual additions like energy healing, shamanic practices, Celtic wheel, and more are also included.


3,660 USD

40600 Biscarrosse, France

Ashtanga Yoga Paris Academy Teacher Trainings



If you are traveling across the world to France to complete your yoga teacher training, chances are you will want to see the country’s most iconic city: Paris! However, many of France’s yoga teacher trainings and retreats are tucked away in the mountains and countryside. Not the Ashtanga Yoga Paris Academy! Spend your month-long yoga teacher training living in a European city that many people dream of. The Ashtanga Yoga Paris Academy is a truly special place and is internationally recognized, meaning each course is full of a multicultural student body all with a shared love of this practice.


There are multiple training options offered at the academy, all of which are certified by Yoga Alliance and taught in an intelligent, safe, and professional way that stays true to the roots of the practice. These include a 200-hour yoga teacher training in the Ashtanga style, and a 300-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training that is only open to advanced students who have already completed on Ashtanga-specific yoga training. There is also an online 200-hour training course. Each intensive course is offered eight hours a day, five days a week, for a month. The training requires home study before the course, as well as 25 classes at the academy, and 25 hours of observation.

What We Like:

At the academy, you can immerse yourself both in the intense practice of Ashtanga yoga, as well as the city of love itself.


Starting at 2,939 USD

40 Avenue de la République, 75011 Paris, France

Art Yoga Studio Nice 200-Hour Teacher Training



At the southern tip of France, you’ll find the much-loved city of Nice. This coastal city is home to Art Yoga Studio Nice, a vinyasa-style studio that offers a popular 200-hour yoga teacher training course. Art Yoga Studio creates a nurturing environment for students that prizes both safety and creativity.


The course is offered in an immersion style, where students live and study alongside each other. Lasting a full month, the course covers two distinct modules: immersion into the essence of yoga, which covers the basics of philosophy, history, and anatomy, and immersion into the art of teaching, which covers pedagogy, energy reading, and of course practice teaching sessions.

What We Like:

Students are encouraged to be their unique selves, and infuse their uniqueness into their teaching style.


Starting at 1,663 USD

11, rue Defly Nice 06000

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