How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Mat Bag for Easy Travel to and From Studio

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Many of us love classrooms, where you can get more instruction and learn moves you’ve never seen before, or try a new type of yoga discipline. That could easily mean trying that new yoga studio across town that your friends keep telling you about, or maybe some kind of outdoor retreat. So anyway, sometimes there may be a lot of things to remember but one important thing is always left out and it all makes all the difference.

Take your water bottle, or if it’s hot yoga, you don’t want to forget your towel. You might want to try aerial yoga, but don’t forget the straps! When you’re on the road, you probably have a lot to keep in mind, and an extra pair of hands can be helpful. This is where yoga mat bags come into play.

The yoga mat bag is designed to fit all your workout needs, including your mat. Depending on your needs, they can hold a variety of essentials or just the cushion itself. Whatever your yoga needs, there’s a bag to support you on your journey.

How do you choose your yoga mat bag?

How to Choose Your Yoga Mat Bag

This can be the tricky part, since there are many different species to consider. Think about what type of yoga you enjoy, what your lifestyle is like, and what you want to bring to the class. These are some important pointers to make when narrowing down your options.



While most yoga mats are standard-sized, that doesn’t mean all mats are standard-sized. This is an important consideration, as your yoga mat is likely to be longer than most, and it can be difficult to roll up. In this case, it can be difficult to wrap a specific size with a specific size of fabric because it won’t meet the needs of the cushion. Double check the dimensions of your mat to save extra time and money.

get durable materials

get durable materials

Just as our yoga mats come in different materials, so do the bags we carry around. This might not seem like anything to worry about, but it can cause some problems. For example, eco-friendly mats may require a bag that can “breathe” better, as these types of mats tend to harbor bacteria. Alternatively, some other type of material may be easier to clean or provide greater resistance to bacterial growth. Some of the most popular yoga mat materials are cotton, polyester, canvas, or neoprene.

Think of function as design

Think of function as design

When you’re finding the best yoga mat bag for you, it might be tempting to choose the one that’s the most attractive. However, depending on your lifestyle and type of practice, there are many more factors to consider. It’s important to make sure you choose a yoga mat bag that is comfortable and fits your needs.

For example, if you plan on going to class after get off work, you might benefit from having the extra space in your bag to keep everything in one area. Maybe you just want to move the pads to the studio yourself and just want a simple strap design. It all comes down to personal preference and lifestyle, as people looking for alternatives simply won’t be happy with the latter.

Here are the different types of yoga mat bags:

    Straps: This is the simplest yoga mat bag design as it only has two straps that go around the bag itself. You can carry the pad this way, but not otherwise.

    Sling Bag: This yoga mat bag has the features above, but is more of a bag to hold your stuff in. For example, you can keep your keys or water bottle in this bag, right next to your mat. This is a simple, clean design style.

    Duffel or Tote: This bag is suitable for those who plan to carry more items in their bag. For example, if you commute to get off work and then hit the gym, this might be a good choice, as such bags are often stylishly designed and have plenty of space.

    Backpack: This is by far the most practical as it is essentially a backpack. It can hold almost anything and securely straps a yoga mat underneath. It’s easy to use, incredibly convenient, and can handle just about anything. Great for outdoor yoga or when you’re running around and need something to keep up with you.

Consider the budget

As with anything, it’s important to consider what you’re willing to invest in a yoga mat bag. It’s easy to choose one of these options and realize that you can actually benefit from a different type. The best way to determine which yoga mat bag is right for you is to evaluate the pros and cons of each and figure out what to pack. This will help you narrow down your options without buying a package that doesn’t fit your needs.

Why buy a yoga mat bag?

Why buy a yoga mat bag?

A yoga mat bag can be an extra help when heading to the studio or outdoor retreat. No matter where you decide to practice yoga, you can rest assured that you will be fully prepared for your classes. Many yoga bags have compartments to store your keys or phone while you’re heading to yoga class. Others may find it valuable to have extra space to store classroom essentials like yoga blocks or towels. Being able to easily move the mat from the car to the studio or out of the studio is helpful. Anything that eliminates hassle is the goal of a yoga mat bag.

The Best Yoga Mat Bags for Travel

Here are some suggestions to get you started. Within each style, we offer three yoga mat bags that offer the best of both worlds; functionality and reliability.

strappy yoga bag

Strap style

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