The 10 Best Luxury Yoga Retreats in Ibiza 2020 Guide

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Most people think of Ibiza as Spain’s party island. In the summer, its cities are home to more tourists than locals, all on a pilgrimage to experience the island’s legendary electronic music and clubbing culture. Less known is that Ibiza is also home to a thriving yoga scene. Away from the cities, this island is gorgeous and peaceful, filled with isolated beaches, lush forests, and beautiful natural rock formations. Over the years, many luxury yoga retreats have popped up across the island, and today Ibiza is a destination for luxury-loving yogis from across the world.

It is no wonder that Ibiza is home to so many luxury yoga retreats. The island itself has a magical energy that seems to draw yogis and wellness-seekers to it. Its most famous rock formation, Es Vedra, off the southwest coast, is said to be the most magnetic point in the world. Other myths say that Es Vedra is the remains of the lost city of Atlantis, or that Egypt’s Great Pyramids were made of the rocks of Ibiza. Whatever the truth is, it is clear that there is some mystical energy surrounding this island. Many luxury yoga retreats across Ibiza draw on this energy to encourage yogis to relax and withdraw on this mysterious island.

Best Luxury Yoga Retreats in Ibiza

Whilst there are many yoga retreats in Ibiza, they are all vastly different from each other. For yogis looking for a more upscale, luxury experience, there are many options to choose from. Luxury yoga retreats are a specialty on Ibiza, where stunning views and relaxing surrounds are abundant. The following are the top ten luxury yoga retreats in Ibiza.

Top Hill Retreats



Top Hill Retreats in Ibiza offers fitness retreats with a goal to enhance health in body, mind, and spirit. Each retreat is also limited to an intimate small group, which promotes unity, connection, and vulnerability. Top Hill Retreats also features multiple massages, as well as nutritional coaching and counseling, to promote sustainability in health and wellness beyond the end of the retreat itself.

Program: Yoga plays a big part in all retreat programs, where the emphasis is not just physical training, but a complete and holistic transformation. Each retreat is held in a private, luxurious Spanish villa. Daily yoga classes are complemented with other physical activity, such as hiking, which takes advantage of the breathtaking viewpoints of the Ibiza coast.

What We Like: Retreat goers can experience true relaxation, where everything is done for them, from room service to tantalizing and nourishing meals.

Cost: 2,750 – 4,425 USD

Top Hill Connections GmbH Schlyffistrasse 39 8832 Wilen b. Wollerau Schweiz




For a hotel-based luxury yoga retreat, yogis should check out Yogarosa retreats. At Yogarosa, yogis book a stay at the beautiful property – named Agroturismo Can Bet. Yogis can stay for however long suits their schedule and desire. As such, this is a more individualized retreat and lacks the focus on group connections and dynamic that is common in other yoga retreats. For yogis who want to take advantage of the luxury amenities, they will love the outdoor pool and daily plant-based meals. The property itself is filled with gardens and pine trees. After a morning yoga class, retreat goers could get lost exploring the four acres – or of course opt to lounge at the pool instead.

Program: In place of group activities, yogis get the benefit of personalizing their program. Retreat goers can participate in daily yoga classes, or may only take one yoga class if they please. A variety of other workshops and treatments are also offered, including meditation, pranayama, reiki, massage, colon cleanses, sound healing, and more.

What We Like: There is a special focus on silence and internal reflection at Yogarosa.

Cost: 275 – 450 USD

Diseminado Pol 13 St Eulal, 154, 07849, Illes Balears, Spain

Santhosh Retreats



Santhosh Retreats is a truly unique luxury health and fitness retreat in Ibiza. Operating from a hilltop villa, called Casa la Vista, on the Northern coast of Ibiza, retreat goers may never want to leave the property. The expansive views reach beyond pine forests and out over the Mediterranean Sea. Retreat goers can enjoy the view from their private rooms, or from the outdoor infinity pool. There is also access to a private beach, and over 30 acres of pine forest – more than any other retreat on Ibiza.

Program: The retreat experience itself is both unusual and unparalleled. Yoga is just a piece of the puzzle in the daily activities of Santhosh Retreats. Yoga is taught daily, to help center and calm. However, equally important are hiking and dance. Santhosh Retreats explains that hiking through the beautiful woodland brings strength, and dance, taught by a number of professionals flown in from London’s West End, brings joy.

What We Like: The combination of yoga, hiking, and dance helps develop calm, strength, and joy. The result is a beautiful and rejuvenating experience.

Cost: 2,250 –  3,000 USD

Venda niu des corbs 28 , Spain




Atzaro  is a glamorous, prestigious Agroturismo located in the heart of Ibiza. Entering the grounds of Atzaro is like entering a secret oasis – and that’s just how it’s meant to be. As an agroturismo, the goal is to unite the natural surroundings with the hotel itself. You can opt to spend the day in a secluded day bed, or alternatively take a dip in one of the long pools that wind through the property.

Program: Yogis will experience the true meaning of “retreat” at Atzaro. Like other agroturismos, Atzaro does not offer organized group yoga retreats, but rather gives the opportunity for you to design your own personal yoga retreat. Those who stay at this luxury hotel have the option of taking daily yoga classes. These can be supplemented with various treatments, including hammam, massage, saunas, and more.

What We Like: The grounds are filled with citrus trees, the floating scent of jasmine and orange, and sprawling gardens.

Cost: Starting at 600 USD.

Diseminado P 12, Sta Eulalia, 153, 07849, Illes Balears, Spain

Soulshine Retreat



On a secluded cliff in Ibiza, you can find Soulshine yoga retreats. Running from May through the end of October, Soulshine yoga retreats operates out of their own luxurious property, aptly titled “Can Shui,” or “place of harmony.” Luxury yoga retreat lovers will certainly find harmony on a unique soulshine retreat. Anyone who comes on a Soulshine yoga retreat should be ready to do some intense internal work and self reflection. However, this hard work is balanced by the indulgent and luxurious retreat property. Can Shui’s cliff side location grants it panoramic views of a crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, which can be admired from private bedrooms, or from the outdoor yoga pavilion, or even the deck side pool.

Program: Each yoga retreat is a decadent yet challenging experience, in which yogis are encouraged to work through personal transformation. The group retreats offer not only yoga and meditation classes, but also six to eight hours of one-on-one life coaching.

What We Like: Retreat goers also receive daily housekeeping and a menu of nourishing, plant-based meals.

Cost: 1,800 – 4,400 USD

San Miguel, Islas Baleares, Spain

The Body Camp



There is one luxury yoga retreat that has become a sensation not just in Ibiza, but around the world. Meet The Body Camp – a riotous personal development and physical training retreat geared toward millennials who want to get fit, but also do some connecting with their inner self. Retreat goers can expect the best of both worlds at any Body Camp retreat. From a luxury perspective, The Body Camp goes all out. The setting is a secluded and beautiful Spanish villa with easy access to Ibiza’s pristine beaches and hiking trails. Retreat activities run from 7am-5pm, giving retreat goers ample time to wind down in the evenings, when they can partake in complimentary massages, manicures, pedicures, or other treatments.

Program: The Body Camp feels like summer camp for adults – where you’re expected to both train hard and play hard. This retreat is unique as its focus is not just on yoga, although yoga is a central feature in the daily activities. A wide variety of training techniques and group activities are utilized, including high intensity intervals, group trivia games, pilates, hiking, and more.

What We Like: The retreat itself is marketed partially as a fat-burning boot camp, and partially as a body-positive soul-connecting experience.

Cost: 2,100 – 10,250 USD

Aguas De Ibiza



Aguas De Ibiza is best described as an eco-luxury escape. As a concept hotel, Aguas De Ibiza draws its inspiration from the surrounding Mediterranean Sea, whose influence can be seen everywhere from the architecture, design, and even gastronomy. The hotel itself is rated five stars and takes great steps toward environmental sustainability, bringing a sense of responsibility toward the stunning Ibizan landscape that inspires it. The hotel itself is located in Santa Eulalia in Ibiza, but guests may never want to leave the hotel itself. It is home to an expansive spa, infinity pools, outdoor daybeds, ocean-side vista, indoor-outdoor pools, and the newly lauded best restaurant in Ibiza.

Program: Like other luxury hotel getaways, guests can design their own yoga retreat at Aguas De Ibiza. Daily yoga classes are offered, as well as a wealth of spa treatments, including facials, body scrubs, massages, saunas, and more. Aguas De Ibiza also offers bespoke wellness programs. These include a detox program, a weight loss program, and a fitness program.

What We Like: Each program includes consultations with personal trainers, nutritionists, and other health therapists.

Cost: Contact Aguas De Ibiza for cost.

Salvador Camacho, 9, 07840 Santa Eulalia del Río, Islas Baleares, Spain

Destino Resort



Destino Resort is part luxury hotel, part day club, part yoga retreat. At Destino Resort, guests can eat at the in-hotel Michelin starred restaurant, lounge in plush pool-side day beds, or alternatively enjoy the solitude of the private garden and pool that many rooms come equipped with.

Program: For hot yoga lovers, Destino Resort also offers Bikram yoga classes. Yoga is offered throughout the day, so guests can have a flexible schedule, whether they want to engage in multiple yoga classes a day, partake in juice detoxes, or simply lie in the sun and enjoy the Ibiza weather.

What We Like: Guests can of course make their getaway to Destino Resort a personalized yoga retreat, by partaking in daily offered yoga classes.

Cost: Contact Destino Resort for cost.

Cap Martinet s/n, 07819 Talamanca, Spain

Pure House Ibiza



Nestled among acres sprawling olive groves, Pure House is an oasis for luxury yoga retreat seekers on party island. Within the massive 30-acre grounds, guests can disconnect from the outside world and simply be. The hotel’s design draws on the traditional Spanish architecture and color palate, mixing whites and browns with occasional floral pops of color.

Program: Pure House is a spa hotel, where guests can design their own yoga retreats by taking group or private yoga classes on the veranda. Pilates, personal training, cross fit, and a variety of beauty treatments are also offered.

What We Like: There is also a 75-foot long pool, perfect for cooling off after a hot yoga session.

Cost: Contact Pure House Ibiza for cost.

Carrer del Llobarro, 07800, Illes Balears, Spain

Es Cuscons Yoga Retreats



Es Cuscons is a four star luxury boutique hotel tucked away in the heart of rural Ibiza, which hosts small group yoga retreats throughout the year. The hotel itself is a repurposed country manor, home to an outdoor pool, gourmet restaurant, and serene grounds with walking paths. The retreats are intimate, as is Es Cuscons itself, with only fourteen bedrooms on site.

Program: Each retreat is five days long, and includes not only four 90-minute yoga classes, but also a variety of other workshops and spa treatments.

What We Like: Notably, guests can enjoy the unique panoramic sauna, and even take advantage of complimentary bikes to explore the island.

Cost: Starting at 2,500 USD

Santa Agnès de Corona, Spain


It is hard to choose among these top luxury yoga retreats in Ibiza. Each yoga retreat has its own spirit and essence, making it difficult to compare one to another. From dance retreats, to five star hotels, to body boot camps, and more traditional small group yoga retreats, Ibiza is flourishing with luxury retreats.

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