The Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Morocco 2020 Guide

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Yoga retreats are one of the most popular ways to vacation these days, and there’s good reason for it! As we develop our yoga practices and continue to work on our mindfulness and compassion, these types of soul-centered holidays are winning out over excessively indulgent resorts or party vacations. A destination yoga retreat will not only soothe your tired mind and body but help you to connect more authentically to your surroundings and inner self. Here, we’ve gathered a list of our top ten yoga retreats in the sunny Morocco to inspire your next vacation planning.

Choosing Your Retreat

While many yoga retreats appear similar on the outside, each retreat offers a unique and personal experience different from all the rest. Choosing the right retreat will ensure that you get the right amount of adventure, relaxation, and rejuvenation for your needs.

Consider the length and type of accommodation for each retreat. Some offer week-long retreats, others just a few days or you can choose the length of your stay. Do you love the community vibe of a hostel or dorm, or prefer a single room to rest in at night? Will you take on just a few days or opt for a week or two? How often do you want to practice yoga? These questions will help you narrow down the long list of amazing choices!

Find Your Zen in Morocco

Bright blue sky, turquoise waters, orange sands. Bustling local markets, delicious traditional foods and spices. Yoga, surf, and sun. Who could ask for more?

Morocco is not only a gorgeous place to visit with great cultural sites, beautiful beaches, and delicious local foods. Morocco is also a yoga and surf haven for beginners and advanced students alike. Many of the retreats combine surfing and yoga, as these two practices blend together perfectly. If you’re not a surfer, don’t fret. There are plenty of options for yoga-only retreats as well!

Morocco’s Top 10 Yoga Retreats of 2020

Surf Coast Morocco



If you’re planning on a surf and yoga holiday, Surf Coast is the place to go. This laid-back beach paradise is the perfect way to step away from busy life and dive into slower, more attuned living.

Program: You’ll start the day with an energizing Vinyasa yoga session, then head off for a delicious buffet-style breakfast. Spend the rest of the day with surf coaching lessons and practice (and a break for lunch). Wind up the day with a restorative yin yoga class and family-style dinner. You’ll also enjoy a day trip to Paradise Valley, a local Hammam steam bath, and a trip to the famous Agadir market to find treasures to take home.

What We Love: The Surf Coast Morocco is the style. From the relaxed and natural feel of the location to the community-style vibe of the hostel and retreat, this package offers a friendly and inviting way to jump into surfing and yoga, all while making a few friends along the way.

Cost: The price for a one-week yoga retreat at Surf Coast Morocco is $540. This includes 7-nights accommodation and the retreat program.

Address: Panorama St. 30, Taghazout, Morocco. (212) 641 344 203

Adventure Keys Yoga and Surf Camp



Adventure Keys hosts a thrilling Yoga Camp All-In Retreat that will leave you completely refreshed and connected to Mother Nature.

Program: Get up ready for the day with yoga on the panoramic rooftop. Break for breakfast, then head out for a surf lesson or surf practice. Enjoy each day by surfing as much as you like, meditating, relaxing, or just soaking up the sun. Wind up with an evening meditation and delicious Moroccan dinner.

What We Love: The Adventure Keys Yoga and Surf camp offers guests a wide range of activities and styles. During your stay, you’ll get to practice aerial, vinyasa, and Hatha yoga and learn the ins and outs of surfing. There’s a familial vibe at Adventure Keys that ensures you will leave with newfound friends. One last bonus? This retreat is extremely budget-friendly for financially conscious yogis!

Cost: Save your pennies and stay 6 nights in the dorm-style accommodation for $329. Alternatively, you can choose a single room for just under $400 for the week.

Address: 27 Rue Tasga Oudrar, Taghazout, 80000, Morocco. We are located behind Cafe West Coast, Taghazout Village

The Surf Hotel



Like other retreats, the Surf Hotel offers amazing surf and sand along with a full-on yoga experience. Combine the magic of sun, surf, and asanas with massage and local excursions and you have the perfect wellness holiday!

Program: The Surf & Yoga program offers 6 days of surf instruction, practice, and twice-daily yoga. Start the day with sunrise yoga and a healthy, organic breakfast. Then you’ll have a 2-hour surf lesson followed by 2 hours for self-practice. End the day on a peaceful note with sunset yoga and a delicious dinner.

What We Love: The Surf Hotel offers fantastic surf training daily with their surf and yoga package so you can come as a total beginner, or boost your skills quickly over the week. Sunrise and sunset yoga help to round out each day with focus and tranquility. To enhance your stay, book one of their many activities like beach horseback riding, excursions, or four-wheeling.

Cost: The cost of the Surf & Yoga 7-day package ranges from $607-677 depending on your accommodation choice.

Address: Tamraght Aourir 80023, Agadir. Morocco

Kech Events



If you’re looking for a more individual and private retreat, consider booking with Kech Events for their 3-day Medina Yoga Retreat.

Program: The 3-day program with Kech Events is available year-round in Marrakech. You’ll be able to choose from accommodation at surrounding hotels, then walk to the yoga studio daily. Over three days, you’ll have 5 yoga sessions, wellness treatments, vegetarian meals, a guided tour of Medina, garden visits, a henna party, Atlas Mountain hike, and still time for relaxation.

What We Love: Kech Events yoga teacher, Stephanie, has a broad and unique take on her yoga workshops. She combines the wisdom of Chinese medicine, meditation, mindfulness, wellbeing, and yoga to create the perfect retreat for your needs and goals.

Cost: The retreat price starts at $656.

Address: DAR ANIS YOGA STUDIO, 37 derb Raouia, Rmila, Bab Doukala, Marrakech Medina

Swell Surf Maroc



Swell Surf Maroc provides the perfect retreat for the beginner surfer and yoga student. This program is rooted in the foundations and essential practices of both yoga and surfing to help you start off on the right foot – or to perfect your current practice.

Program: This retreat begins the day with a nutritious breakfast to fuel your body for surfing and yoga. By 9AM, you’ll set out to the ocean for a 3-hour surf lesson, followed by lunch. After that, you have 2 more hours to practice your surf techniques on your own (with an instructor always nearby to help out). Finish each day with a relaxing yoga practice on the terrace. On the last day of your retreat, you’ll escape to the aptly named Paradise Valley.

What We Love: This retreat is perfect for those who want dedicated surfing instruction while they restore with yoga. The daily 3-hour surf lessons are a step above most other surf and yoga retreats in the area and provide thorough instruction for beginners or advanced surfers.

Cost: Prices start at $550 for a single bed, or $992 for a double room with a friend.

Address: T41 Lot Sonaba , Agadir 80000

 Crocro Surf Maroc



Crocro Surf Maroc provides the perfect holiday no matter what your goals: surfing, yoga, relaxation, adventure, trekking, you name it!

Program: You’ll start the day with breakfast, then head out to the area’s best surf spots for a 2-hour lesson. After lunch, you’ll have time to practice your surf techniques before heading back to the camp for sunset yoga, dinner, and relaxation time.

What We Love: The instructors at Crocro Surf Maroc understand that yoga and surfing go hand-in-hand. Yoga is used as a way to improve the body’s focus, stability, and balance to make each student a better surfer, yogi, and healthy human.

Cost: The Surf and Yoga program price ranges from $480 – $530 based on your accommodation choice.

Address: Crocro surf camp maroc imi ouaddar, C.R. Aourir 80000 Agadir, Morocco

Azrac Surf Morocco



At Azrac Surf Morocco, you can choose from either their Yoga Retreat or the Surf & Yoga Retreat. For those not looking to surf on their holiday, this is a great option.

Program: Start and end your days with sunrise and sunset yoga. Outside of your yoga sessions, the days are up to you! You can book one of their activities such as a massage, hammam session, or day trip to Paradise Valley. If you choose to book the Surf & Yoga retreat, you’ll enjoy a daily yoga session after 2-hours of surf instruction and daily individual surf practice.

What We Love: The Azrac retreats are intimate with 10 or less students per week. This allows for more focused instruction and time for diving deeper into practice and philosophy. You also have the option to book private yoga sessions to hone your practice and find better alignment with the dedicated help of one of Azrac’s instructors.

Cost: Prices for the yoga retreat start at $563. Prices for the Surf & Yoga retreat start at $632.

Address: Azrac Surf Morocco, Route d’Essaouira km14, Tamraght, Agadir 80023 

Loco Surf Maroc



Loco Surf Maroc is your surf and yoga relaxation headquarters in the village of Souss. Soak up the sun, learn to surf, and relax with therapeutic yoga and the soothing waves of the ocean.

Program: Loco Surf Maroc offers an 8-day, 7-night Surf & Yoga Retreat for students of all levels. Each morning you’ll attend surf lessons, followed by free surf in the afternoons. At night, rest and restore with a yoga class and meditation. Along with your lessons and classes, you’ll enjoy delicious meals and a day trip to Paradise Valley.

What We Love: Loco Surf Maroc has a dedicated team and a truly tranquil retreat location. The team can help you plan additional excursions and activities (like a camel ride or souk visit) to help you make the most out of your holiday.

Cost: The Surf & Yoga Holiday at Loco Surf Maroc starts at $529.

Address: Tamraght, Morocco (address provided upon booking)

Surf Star Morocco



Surf Star Morocco is a favorite among surfers and yogis alike, boasting top-rated status as a retreat location for nearly a decade.

Program: Surf Star offers a once-daily yoga and surf package or a twice-daily yoga and surf package. With the once-daily option, choose from either a sunrise or sunset session in addition to a daily surf lesson. If you opt for the twice-daily package, you’ll sit in for both the sunrise and sunset yoga classes, surf in the afternoons, and enjoy delicious meals throughout the day.

What We Love: The Surf Star Morocco Surf House is the ultimate place for sun, fun, and leisure. The traditional Berbere design and seaside location will make you feel transported from the moment your retreat begins. We also love that you can tailor your retreat to fit your needs.

Cost: Rates for the once-daily yoga retreat start at $574. For twice-daily yoga, rates start at $629.

Address: Société Surf House Morocco Hay Sahel Tamraght, Aourir, Agadir Morocco

Shaka Surf Morocco



At Shaka Surf Morocco, the team believes that “surf and yoga are a match made in heaven” and we couldn’t agree more! They hope that all their guests benefit from a week away from busy life to reconnect to themselves, community, and nature.

Program: Start your day with a healthy breakfast and then head out to surf. You’ll take a break for lunch after a few hours of instruction, then have the afternoon to practice your skills. Return to the surf house for sunset yoga and wrap up with a delicious dinner.

What We Love: Shaka Surf provides a variety of extra activities to fuel adventure during your stay. Trek to Paradise Valley, Imsouane, Essaouira, or Taroudant or sign up for horseback riding, souk visits, or even hire your own car.

Cost: $562 provides 7 days of accommodation, all meals, airport transfer, and yoga and surf lessons.

Address: KM15 Route d’Essaouira, Tamraght 80000, Morocco

Soak up the Sun in Morocco

If you’re ready to drop the daily doldrums and find new perspective on your mat or board, Morocco is the perfect place to start. With so many gorgeous retreat centers, affordable prices, and vibrant surf life, Morocco offers so much for traveling yogis.

Before you decide on your retreat in Morocco, decide what you are looking for in your yoga holiday. Do you want to learn to surf or focus on yoga? Do you crave the peace of a distant village or the vibrant city life? What kinds of excursions are you interested in? This will help you narrow down the list of amazing retreats to find the one that will feed your soul the best.

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